Kate Bosworth For Topshop: Christmas 2012 Campaign

Hollywood Actress And Style Icon Kate Bosworth, who is known for her role in movies such as Superman Returns, Blue Crush and most recently Straw Dogs which she starred alongside with her then boyfriend - Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgard, stars in the a mini-film for Topshop 's latest Christmas campaign directed by her fiancéMichael Polish. Kate, who is more known for her beauty and acting skills and less known for her ability to sing, sings or more likely whispers and "speaks out" the lyrics in "Winter Wonderland". 

Kate Bosworth wears a red sequin dress which she has designed specially for the Christmas campaign in her collaboration with Topshop. If you are interested in purchasing the dress that Kate Bosworth wore in the mini-film, it would be made available to order on Topshop.com when they open their first store in Los Angeles in February next year. The red lipstick on Kate Bosworth is available for order immediately through Topshop's online store now.


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