Prada Says Sayonara To Asia

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Prada Takes Inspiration from The Japanese And Uses It The Wrong Way in the Prada Spring Summer 2013 Runway Fashion Show. Models Sported Bad Hairstyles That resemble A Bald Eagle's Nest And Plenty of Black Funeral Outfits - Suits, Dresses, Stoles and Skirts With Simple Stalks of Flowers That Seem Spray Painted On With A Stencil. The Prada Runway models also wore traditional Japanese Tabi socks which separates the big toe from the index toe, paired with Geta Clog Inspired Single-Strap Sandals.

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The Models Looked Aboslutely Wacky in Plastic Sunglasses Emblazoned with Tiny Plastic Flowers and some even had gold and silver metallic foil coloured socks that contrasted against their Japanese footwear - A Complete Fashion Disaster.

Miuccia Prada had no idea that the Pure Black And White Outfits She Designed in her signature Minimalistic Style Would Make Perfect Funeral Outfits for Asian People Mourning The Dead or Perfect Sense for a Vast Majority of Sensible Asian Folks to Avoid Prada's Spring Summer Runway Collection Altogether.

To top it up, the austere make-up on the models did not help make the collection any less than of a traditional Japanese funeral. One of the models even wore a black dress with a rectangular white patch just below the collar which resembled a talisman.


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