Versace Versus The Clowns

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Plastic Coloured Chains seemed to be the focal point in Donatella Versace's Spring Summer 2013 collection for Versace's sister label Versus. 

Models dressed in clashing floral and polka dot prints, multicolour cheap-looking plastic chain chokers and belts and for some instances an entire top made out of multicolour plastic chains, pyjama suits that resembled a bad Marni rip-off in the prints department, brightly coloured harlequin diamond shaped prints in sweater material, dresses made out of the Twister game mat... All this made me reminisce about my childhood days when my aunt bought me a scary clown (pictured exactly in the background of Versus-Versace Spring Summer runway show fashion collage).

It terrorised me and brings back bad memories. I hope the Versus by Versace runway collection will not do the same to you.

Image background credit: Etsy, Clown Rainbow Wind-Up


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