Nightmare at Roberto Cavalli Paris ~ A Trilogy

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Part 1: The Nightmare Unfolds At Roberto Cavalli

It has been 5 days since I have been left in the cold with no response whatsoever after sending both a message and comment to and on the Roberto Cavalli Official Facebook Page since my harrowing experience at the Rue St Honore Boutique where Roberto Cavalli's flagship store in Paris, France was located. (The Roberto Cavalli boutique on Avenue Montaigne and at Galeries LaFayette are both franchises.)

It all started when I had spotted a lovely bright yellow python chain handbag from Roberto Cavalli's Diva collection on Wednesday, 20 Feb. The leather collection was rather dull. However, the pieces in exotic skins and last year's metallic silver and gold range which were a sure hit were spectacular pieces one surely could not miss out.

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I did not purchase the bag immediately as I was in a "bag hunting" mode and had previously been charmed by an excellent sales attendant at the Lanvin Boutique on the same street - Slyvain. He was completely professional and very helpful.

The next day, I went into the Roberto Cavalli boutique with the intention of purchasing the handbag. I picked up the handbag and examined it carefully this time. To my horror, I found a python scale sticking out of one of the corners of the handbag. When I opened the flap of the handbag, I discovered creases on the middle of the handbag which meant the bag had been on display for a long period of time and many people had carelessly mishandled the handbag. The sales attendant then told me that the handbag was brand new and had only been on the shelf for a week - which was an outright lie! The handbag looked like it had been on display for at least a good few months in that poor condition.

When I requested for a brand new piece, they told me that there was only the display piece. However, they could check with the Roberto Cavalli Rome outlet to see if there was another piece. The sales attendant - a young girl who spoke in American English, told me that she would however not be able to check if the handbag in Rome was a brand new piece or not. I found her answer quite ridiculous.

Upon examining the handbag further, I discovered that a thread was sticking out of the handbag chain strap! That was the last straw. I love the beautifully designed Roberto Cavalli python bag. However, there were obviously too many defects on the handbag and I was not not going to buy a brand new piece at all.

So I asked her if I could get a discount off the defective handbag and she asked the store manager - a much older lady who spoke in French - which I don't understand. The female store manager was quick to say no with her hand gestures and said there were no problems at all with the handbag even after I showed them all the problems - python scale sticking out, creases on the inside flap of the bag and thread sticking out of the bag strap handle!

I told her that there were no Roberto Cavalli stores in Singapore - where I permanently reside. Hence, I would not be able to get access to after-sales service if the bag needed repair. The young lady who spoke in American English then told me that I could visit the nearest Roberto Cavalli store in Hong Kong or Japan to have it repaired. When I told her that it was 6 to 7 hours away by plane! She had no idea where Singapore or any part of Asia was - not a smart sales attendant to serve tourists from Asia at all! She then said I could mail the bag to Italy. What a stupid and completely ridiculous response it was so much that I was shocked speechless. Just put an expensive, exotic skin python handbag in the mail and hope it would not disappear? 

I was very upset and left the store with a quick goodbye. I could not continue shopping in my bad mood and settled myself down in a cafe to clear my head and think about what I could do to resolve this bad situation regarding the Roberto Cavalli store.

( be continued)

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