Social Media Fail: Roberto Cavalli “Luxury” Brand

Part III Of The Trilogy:
Nightmare at Roberto Cavalli Paris

A Great Distaste and Social Media Lesson For The So-called Luxury Brand

Part II of The Trilogy: Nightmare at Roberto Cavalli Paris

In that instant, I realised to my horror why the level of customer service standards at Roberto Cavalli was so appalling. It was because they employed cocky, racist staff who are full of themselves and clearly do not want to serve tourists and know they can get away with their lousy attitude and bad behaviour because their bosses are not around or are clearly ill-fitting for their responsibilities  Mr Denis Merlo clearly did not speak English well and could not understand what I wanted or he was just being wilful as he was probably a first-time manager who did not deserve the position.

It is extremely unfortunate that I and many other Asian tourists and/ or loyal fans of Roberto Cavalli would have to experience such low standards of customer service and mistreatment at the hands of people who clearly do not deserve jobs at all. They should switch positions with one of the many beggars or poor street artists on the streets and subway stations (Metro) of Paris.

I love the Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli brands and have numerous items from the beautiful, one-of-a-kind collection from this lovely Italian label which I have been admiring and reviewing their runway shows and fashion collection on my blog for many years. However, all this will now have to come to a stop until a representative from Roberto Cavalli would step forward to address my problem and for the greater good of long term success, the management should take a look at the bigger picture of their long-term objectives for the company and review the corporate structure and staff member selection and training process on a whole which desperately in need of a re-examination and urgent review.

Social Media Fail for A "Luxury" Brand
There is no point for a brand like Roberto Cavalli to be on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels if a brand cannot even be bothered to interact and/ or respond to their customer service issues online. There is either an inadequately trained staff who is not monitoring the Twitter or Facebook social media channels or foolish and ignorant staff who prefer ignoring a customer's complaint.

To date, not a single person from the Roberto Cavalli has contacted me regarding the comment I had posted on the wall of their official Facebook page. (Please note that no representative has responded to my private message on Facebook which I have sent 6 days ago) 

See screenshot of the comment I had posted on Roberto Cavalli's wall last Friday below.

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I have also sent a message directly via the web contact form on the Roberto Cavalli Official website ( to the HQ on 26 Feb around 12 noon (Rome time CET) and have since not heard from them at all.

Having an empty social presence will not only hurt a brand's reputation in the long term but also ensure that actual, buying customers are left out in the cold. The number of aspirational customers who do not actually purchase Roberto Cavalli's items will dwindle away once they realize that there are far better, engaging brands online who truly care about their customer's feedback, opinion and suggestions.

Loyal customers like myself will have to move on to finer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Fendi, Lanvin, Prada, Chloe and many more. In the long run, it clear who would be left out in the hotly contested luxury goods competition.

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