Tragedy At Roberto Cavalli with Mr Denis Merlo

"Even Jesus would not be able to guarantee how long the bag will last." 
- Mr Denis Merlo, Floor Manager Woman at Roberto Cavalli Rue St Honore, Paris, France

Part II Of The Trilogy:
Nightmare at Roberto Cavalli Paris

(...continued) Part I of The Trilogy: Nightmare at Roberto Cavalli Paris

After some thought, I decided to send a message directly to the Roberto Cavalli Facebook page as they were very active on their page, posting news and previews of the upcoming Fall Winter 2013 - 2014 Fashion Show.

I sent a message documenting my dissatisfaction with the customer service at the Rue St Honore boutique as per the screenshot below:

Please note the message was recorded as Singapore Time (SGT) although I was in Paris at that point of time which was 8 hours behind Singapore Time so it was Thursday evening.

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I did not receive any response the next morning - it snowed that Friday morning in Paris. I went down to the shop, determined to get the handbag even if the end result would be to walk away without a fair deal and my rights turned down.

Before I walked into the Roberto Cavalli store at Rue St Honore, I hesitated a bit. I did not want to go in again and face the extremely unpleasant atmosphere inside and even worse - the ridiculous customer service attendants at Roberto Cavalli who do not understand what customer service and compromise are.

Finally, I decided to just head into the store and buy the bag. I entered the boutique (3rd time) and the same sales attendant - young lady who spoke in American English who was obviously in charge of the handbags department was there. I requested to speak to the store manager - whom I hoped would possess more common sense. She swiftly picked up the yellow python bag on display and disappeared to the back of the counter, reappearing with the store manager just seconds later.

Mr Denis Merlo was the Roberto Cavalli store manager whom I spoke to and completely destroyed my feelings for the Roberto Cavalli brand and image.

He asked me what was wrong with the handbag and I told him the same details I told the store attendants the day before - python scale sticking out of the bag corner, creases on the interior leather flap of the bag and thread sticking out of the bag strap handle!

Mr Denis Merlo then said there were no problems with the handbag even after I told him all about the defects. I told him I wanted to buy the handbag because I really liked it so much. However, I would be unhappy to purchase it at the full retail price as it was unfair to me.

He then proceeded to make a rude and totally uncalled for statement, 
"Do you want the bag at 50% discount off?"

I said "No, I want a token discount off as the bag is not brand new and it is defective."

Exasperated, with the store manager who refused to see a customer's valid point and acknowledge the facts, I then told him once again earnestly without flinching - "I like this bag very much and I want to buy it. In your professional opinion, would this bag be able to last a few months or at least a year so I can bring it back to repair in a year's time as I travel to Europe at least once every year."

He said the most terrible thing one could say - let alone a customer service store manager from a prestigious luxury goods retailer - Roberto Cavalli! "Even Jesus would not be able to guarantee how long the bag will last". Mr Denis Merlo then continued to say, "It would not last for 1000 to 2000 years!" sarcastically.

Finally, he proceeded to say that he refuse to sell us the handbag as he claimed we would ask for a refund a few months later. I was astounded at  his nonsensical allegations (it would cost us more than the price of the bag to fly back to Paris from where we live which is 10,000 km away!) how utterly rubbish this store manager was and all the terrible things he had said to us and now he proudly declared he did not want to sell me the handbag - because I wanted it.

Mr Denis Merlo would send the handbag back to Italy for checks which he said would take up to 2 weeks and if there is no "problem", he would put it back on the display shelf and sell it again. He said he rather not deal with us and send the bag back to Italy as a standard procedure.

(to be continued)


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