Her World Wants Men Sex with Wang Lee Hom

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Strangely enough, 2 weeks ago I had written about Her World magazine Singapore, a local fashion magazine and one of the oldest fashion publication here in Singapore botching up Emma Stone as Mila Kunis in a Cosmetic feature. (Original post here: Does Mila Kunis & Emma Stone Look Alike?)

One does not buy any Fashion magazine made in Singapore or any Singapore editions of Fashion Magazines. 

I have always hated the local fashion publications here for their lousy editorials and this post just proves another point. Who is in charge of Digital Marketing department at Her World Magazine Singapore? Perhaps there isn't one and if there is, it must be someone who clearly cannot suppress his or her desire to use the words "men sex" twice in their website URL thus having a lot of "men sex" in their website folder or link title.

Or it could be a foreign employee who does not speak English at all. Note: Singapore is one of the countries in Asia with a ridiculous 1:10 citizen to foreigner ratio where unrest over space, jobs, safety and marriage is a growing issue that has been largely ignored by the government who insists on raising the population on this 41.8 km or 26 mile long tiny island which has a population density higher than overcrowded Hong Kong.

Visit the Her World magazine Singapore official facebook page to see the original post of the Her World magazine Sinagpore - Wang Lee Hom Boo boo here.


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