Oh Deer! Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci at Paris Fashion Week

Who Says The Life of A Supermodel is Fun All The Time? Liu Wen wore a bright pink shower cap on the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

Apparently it was supposed to be roses but at a closer look, it resembled neon rubber condoms tightly fixed to the scalp. Why would anyone wear that on the head and how does it beautify the model or add a statement to the granny apparel on Givenchy's runway?

The Granny look strikes again at Givenchy's Fall Winter 2013 Runway show as the Givenchy woman tries to look young again wearing Disney cartoon characters; however she is also wearing a skirt that is way below her knees in a traditional ditsy floral print which matches an English porcelain tea set.

Horrors of all horrors went to a rose printed biker jacket paired with a sheer rose printed long skirt and dark orange striped snakeskin boots.

I have always wondered why some designers choose to destroy their pieces with horribly clashing matching pieces - dresses, tops, jackets, bottoms, shoes and showercap accessories or skull caps that clearly do not go together. 
Worse still, the skull caps reminds one of chemotherapy patients - a look which no one needs to reminded of especially if you have a relative or close ones that has suffered from cancer and undergone chemotherapy. It certainly does not help that when it comes to high-end fashion designers, more often than not skeletal and ill-looking models over healthy models are picked for the runway shows.

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In the second part of the Givenchy Fall Winter 2013 runway show, fashion designer Ricardo Tisci was obviously inspired by everything Scottish and Scotland, possibly the movie Braveheart too as he transforms the runway models into a bizarre bunch of angry Scottish rugby players cross dressing in old lady garb in their short "shower cap looking", tight curly bright orange  wigs which accentuated too much of the frowning masculine-looking models' faces.

Image sources: Givenchy runway pictures: Style.com, Mel Gibson in Braveheart wallpaper, Charles Darwin Scottish Kilt & Tartan, Bambi & Faline Disney Wallpaper


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