Quintessentially French - Paul & Joe Fall Winter 2013

Lindsey Wixon opened the Paul & Joe Fall Winter 2013 runway show at Paris Fashion Week which ended yesterday. The theme of the Fall Winter collection centered around wilderness and raw-edged French eccentricity of clashing prints - polka dots and checks in drab neutral colours of brown and beige. It was a bit like a Franco-Britannia marriage that obviously would not go well together but somehow managed to in the process.

Paul & Joe's designer - Sophie Albou started the label in the early nineties where there was only a menswear line. She added a womenswear label years later in 1996. Up until this very day, one can still see the strong influences of the menswear collection in the Paul & Joe womenswear collection in the form of well tailored coats and oversized blazers. Everything in the collection is roomy and comfy from the cut down to the fabric choices - living up to the name of a true French fashion & design house.

Fox fur neckwarmers, sheer blouses and dresses with gold thread detail, baroque print gold jaccquard coats, jackets and pants and thigh high boots all added to the glamour and understated sexiness of the Paul & Joe Fall Winter 2013 runway show pieces.


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