Scandinavian Chic at H&M

H&M's Fall Winter 2013 Runway Collection is no doubt one of the highlights at Paris Fashion Week 2013 with most designers such as Alexander Wang for Balenciaga who continued the boring monochromatic designs for rich old ladies or young women who think dressing older = classy looking, having a real brain freeze for new ideas this season.

The H&M models were split into two tribes - The Arabian Nights tribe with a mix of see-through and sheer mini-dresses, long dresses and skirts embellished with sequins, worn over huge, long trench coats and the Preppy-chic tribe with train conductor or newspaper boy caps, oversized sweaters paired with studded leather mini-shorts, oversized fluffy faux fur jackets paired with mini dresses with sexy slits frock necj down to the belly in brown suede and black leather over-the-knee boots.

Smiling supermodel Cara Delevingne sealed the look for this season with the return of see-through dresses and peek-a-boo lingerie.

Image source: Background from of Hanging Chloe Perfume Bottles from Scandinavian Chic


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