The Queen in Alexander McQueen

Did Sarah Jane Burton run out of ideas? The Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2013 runway show contained only 10 outfits. Sara Burton was Alexander McQueen's personal assistant and took over McQueen shortly after his death or suicide in 2010.

The 10 massive gowns were inspired by the Golden Age or Elizabethan era (1558–1603) where Queen Elizabeth reigned and England triumphed over the Spanish. It was the golden era where England was thriving unlike now.

Without that influence, the Alexander McQueen collection could have looked like a bizarre all-white bridal wedding collection.

Lace ruffs around the necks, ornate pearl and jewel embellishments and most importantly, corseted bodices played a centre-stage in the Alexander McQueen show. The corsets - all the way from the chest down to the hips looked like huge birdcages attached. The last two looks on the runway were inspired by fluffy chicken feathers and ripped hems above the knees which made the models look a little bit like risqué cabaret dancers.

England Once Ruled - Plaguing and Pillaging America, Europe and areas in the far east, colonising teeny, tiny islands such as Singapore, Hong Kong and making it better or worst? That is debatable.

Image sources:, Elizabeth I and The Elizabethan Era


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