Sunday Street Style: Model Talk

Meet 23 year old Danish model, Rasmus Stendorph whom we met at a bar in Clark Quay, Singapore. We did a mini interview with Rasmus for today's Sunday Street Style feature.

Q. How is he like? 

Unlike what you may think of a typical model, Rasmus is very cool, approachable and not at all standoffish.

Q. What he is wearing?

Rasmus is an avid backpacking traveler. His floral tropical print T-shirt is from Zara and his bag is from Ecuador. He bought his comfy black sneakers from Singapore.

Why we find him so cool. 

Fresh faced young Scandinavian models with a relaxed style of dressing which screams "I am a traveler!" He does not look like a typical Dane but a global citizen of the world where one cannot simply put him in a certain category of dressing. Rasmus travels a lot, mainly because of the perks of his job and obviously this hobby influences his style.

3 questions for Rasmus
1. Where are you from? 

I'm from Herning, Denmark.

2. What made you venture into modelling? 

I was spotted at H&M (by a model scout) and thought that an opportunity like that only comes once.

3. What is your dream? 

I wanna tell stories about people and cultures and their differences. And hopefully on tv too.

Below are some pictures of Rasmus when he is working as a professional model:

Bugis+ Fashion Show on 27 Apr 2013

Rasmus with Jay Manuel, the famous photo director from America's Next Top Model.

Rasmus looking all dorky and sixteen again here in this photo shoot

Rasmus exuding Scandinavian charm in this black white shot

Photo source: Last 3 pictures taken from 1st Option Model Management


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