The High Price of Fashion

Even tears cannot express how much sorrow I felt for the families and the victims of the Bangladesh garment factory collapse and recent fire where at least 362 people perished.

Last Tuesday, when the building owner was informed that there were cracks in the Rana Plaza building where the garment factory was located on the top 2 floors, the owner insisted that there was no danger even though the tenants on the bottom floors had evacuated. The garment factory managers even told their employees to carry on working if not they would not continue to get paid.

One of the suppliers who housed their workers in that fateful building was Spanish fashion retailer Mango. That day, those workers perished in the garment factory tragedy.

When you shop at fashion retailers like Mango, please take some time to think about how these retailers managed to keep the price of their retail goods so low. The simple answer is by exploiting the livelihoods of poor, impoverished people who are usually the sole breadwinner of their families in third world countries such as India, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Mango has recently denied that they were involved in this tragedy and that they had been using suppliers who had been denying their workers a safe-working environment with decent standards fit for humans.

In light of this incident, I will not patronize Mango retail stores and I urge you to do so if you have a conscience until Mango promises to raise the workplace safety standards and conditions of their supplier's workers.

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