Chanel Cruise 2013/ 2014 Runway Show - Still Living In The Past?

Chanel Cruise 2014 Launch - Still Living In The Past? 

The theme of the Chanel Cruise 2013/ 2014 runway event in Singapore was colonialism. Seriously? Did the Chanel PR and marketing staff or fashion editors at her world magazine give any thought about this before choosing to market the fashion collection and show and write a poorly written article on this global launch event in an angle that would leave locals seeing red. Read the original article from her world magazine - Chanel Channels Colonialism and own heritage for Cruise 13-14 collection

There's nothing proud about another country being colonised by another some nearly two centuries ago and it's definitely not the correct thing to reminisce and seek inspiration from. 

Not to mention ridiculous cricket outfits and models looking terrible in those bygone days outfit designed by Karl Lagerfeld, a 79 year old German designer who has failed to move on with the times. Just take a look at British luxury label Burberry. Christopher Bailey and the management team revitalised the brand while keeping to its heritage so well that they have over 15 million fans on facebook to date while Chanel has 9 million. Kudos to the Burberry marketing team! 

Even Italian luxury brands are waking up to the changing times and potential purchasing power of the millennials or Gen Y cohort. 

My favourite outfit from the Chanel fashion show had to be Cara Delvingne's chicken outfit - a coat made out completely of feathers dyed black and white. It reminded me of the good old days when I was a student in a non air conditioned classroom with chalkboard and wooden chairs and tables with a trusty feather duster at the tecaher's table to dust and clean the chalkboard and classroom. 

The rest of the outfits were granny wear suitable for Chanel's actual target audience - rich tai tais or aunties.

Chanel Marketing Fail 

Why was there so little press coverage before and after the event? 

In the good old days of luxury marketing, restricting information to the exclusive few seemed to work well. However in this day and age, Chanel still remains surprisingly an archaic brand unlike it's competitor - 157 year old British luxury brand Burberry who has chose to live stream their catwalk events and disclose exclusive shots of the runway apparels on twitter to the public even before the actual runway show starts. 

Is Chanel doing anything to attract the younger crowd of millenials who will soon gain equal buying power in less than a decade? 

No Focus 

Who were they trying to target for the communication of their first Cruise collection launch? Asia media? Singapore local media or the global media? In any aspect, they have failed terribly. 

Classic mistakes foreign owned big brands make 

Celebrating colonialism is a big mistake. Big fail for not understanding the cultural sensitives and target market. I am pretty sure this event was executed by Chanel staff who were not local and had no understanding of the Asian market just as the her world magazine journalist who covered the Chanel Cruise event. 

Not so Glamorous side of fashion 

(British model Stella Tennant tries to avoid the snap-happy fashion show guest while walking down the runway)

Chanel has obviously invited a small and very selected group of guests out of which many have either never attended runway shows or simply have no etiquette.

As the models walked down the runway to complete the show, guests started standing up to take photos in front of the models, obstructing the runway show. This would never happen even at an indie runway fashion show. 

Money can't buy class especially people who have quickly risen from poverty to the upper-middle class who have lots of money and little shame. 

Is that the image that Chanel wants to portray of it's brands's clientele? 

Photo sources:, getty images,, mercury news and the straits times


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