Metropolitan Ball After Party Outfits

Here are our favourite outfits of celebrities who had a second change of outfit for the Metropolitan Ball 2013 After Party.

1) Ashley Greene went all SPG (Sarong Party Girl) with extra tanner and a silk Asian exotic print wrap dress.

2) Cara Delevingne changed into her usual casual street-wear meets hip-hop style with a black lace bralet toned down with a leopard print suit and a leather cap worn backwards.

3) Kate Bosworth wore the same Balmain runway outfit on the red carpet and to the after party but I just had to post her look here again as she wore the Balmain dress better than the model (Anna Selezneva) did on the runway. Maybe Kate had put more thought into the after-party dressing than what to wear on the Met Ball red carpet.

4) Amanda Seyfried was hands-down the winner in dressing for the punk theme even at the after-party event with her over-sized black graphic print T-shirt and black checked heels.

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