Metropolitan Gala Ball 2013 Best & Worst Dressed

The theme for the annual Met Ball Gala in New York this year was Punk and boy did some young and not so young starlets rock the punk image. However, there were quite a few celebrities and fashion industry professionals who flunked the theme and looked like they turned up at the wrong party.

Behold Unlikely You's pick on the best and worst dresses celebrities at the Metropolitan Gala Ball 2013!

One half of the owners of The Row and Elizabeth & James, Mary-Kate Olsen looks stunning and laid-back chic in a casual grunge rock X bohemian style floor length dress and fur-trimmed silk coat. She punked up her outfit with heavy jewelry and studs.

Twin sister Ashley Olsen did not fare well in her over-sized mustard starfish outfit which was more suitable for an ethnic Asian wedding appearance in the Bahamas than the red carpet.

Madonna is 54 years old yet she still dares to rock a risque outfit complete with thigh-high hold-ups, ripped fishnet stockings, studs, tartan, chains and bright pink heels. The only drawback to her style was her K-pop or Chinese-pop influenced bad hair wig with straight cut bangs cut too high up the forehead.

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour looks like she's about to warm up some tea for a cosy English garden tea party complete with poolside garden gnomes, iced cupcakes, tea, sandwiches, biscuits and scones. Perhaps she forgot the theme of the party or her costume idea got stolen by Madonna.

Sarah Jessica Parker sure doesn't horse about when it comes to fashion. From her spectacular mohair headpiece down to her Christian Loubutin velvet tartan thigh high boots, she screams every bit "Punk & Couture" and oozes class even when flashing her underwear.

New face of Givenchy's perfume, replacing longtime ambassador Liv Tyler is the beautiful and talented Amanda Seyfried wearing a vintage Givenchy gown in swirling graphic prints. Chloe Sevigny on the other hand looks like a snake charmer with her strange tightly coiffed hair and confused black outfit.

Model Showdown! Anja Rubik thrills in a red leather dress ensemble complete with her 80s big hair. Karlie Kloss resembles a 70-year old Hollywood star on the red carpet wearing a dress that could hide a baby bump well. Either that or she is a redneck Catholic from the sticks attending someone's wedding at a church.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley wears a gorgeous liquid gold dress with an intriguing feathered top leaving little too one's imagination about what's behind those feathers.

Kirsten Stewart looks like she had gained 3 sizes up with her huge clown pantsuit that increases the circumference of her hips and waist by ten-folds. Unfortunately this shapeless disaster is from designer Stella McCartney. It would have been perfect on pregnant Kim Kardashian.

Katy Perry stands out from the crowd in a baroque Dolce & Gabbana dress and headpiece. Olivia Wilde confirms her bland taste of style in this plain white outfit suitable for any other event but this.

Lastly, to round up all the fashion fails, we have Gwyneth Paltrow in an unflattering plain pink dress, Kim Kardashian looking like she's going to give birth or her dress is going to give way any minute, Nicole Richie in a Topshop unique dress trying to imagine how she would look like when she is a 70-year old tanned granny. Anne Hathaway is trying too hard to show her side-boobs again but also trying very hard to not look like she's trying to show her side-boobs again.

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