Sunday Street Style: Fashion Steps Out Singapore - Off Duty Models

Model off-duty: Yaroslav Onuchin

I was starting to lose hope and fall into depression after close to an hour of people watching after the Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013 event @ Orchard Road, Singapore.. but lo and behold I bumped into 2 fashion models who were rushing home.

Meet my dream model number one, Yaroslav Onuchin from Kazakhstan. His casual wear includes black strapped patent leather sandals, a graphic white T-shirt, tropical print shorts, a yummy brown over-sized two way tote and messenger bag and stylish sunglasses no less.

Yaroslav was very spontaneous in posing for photographs and EVERY SINGLE SHOT was flawless. In fact, the picture of him sitting on the metal railings with his brown leather bag in between his legs looked like a perfect fashion advertorial page torn from a magazine. It made me want to buy whatever he was wearing in the picture! Fashion editors watch out for this super versatile and photogenic male model!

Model off-duty: Alina Onyshkiv

Next, meet Alina, a sweet looking model from Ukraine. What caught my attention and made me and my photographer chase her down Orchard road was her simple yet superbly stylish attire which was considered "dressed down" by her. The lovely long silk maxi skirt in metallic silver paired with an over-sized see-through top reminded me of minimalist chic Calvin Klein outfits which I absolutely adore for smart casual dressing.

Again, Alina was extremely photogenic and versatile in each and every single shot so much so that I had a really hard time trying to avoid posting all the pictures taken of her in this post.

In the shots above, she can appear sweet and adorable or look icy cool. I could totally picture her in Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign which is quirky and funky or fun and cutesy campaigns for Mulberry.


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