Sunday Street Style: How To Stay Cool in The Tropics

Meet 20-year-old British tourist Natalie who's on holiday in Singapore to visit her friends. What made her stand out from the crowd and group of friends was her simple yet well put-together outfit that was stylish, yet casual and also practical for Singapore's tropical climate. (For all of you folks who do not know where Singapore is, we are located on the equator next to Malaysia and we are definitely not part of China.)

Natalie wore a black tank top which contrasted with her beautiful blond hair and made it more interesting with this Spring's hottest trend - printed shorts in exotic tropical and floral print.

She accessorized her outfit with sparkly gold flat sandals and a low-rise chunky chain collar necklace which she wore at just the perfect length to show off her slim neck and place emphasis on her chest area.

Wanna steal Natalie's look? Here's our carefully curated picks inspired by Natalie's style for that perfect cool look for summer.

Chunky Chain Collar Necklace

Channel your inner RiRi or Rihanna style in this rock & roll Chunky Gold Chain Collar Necklace from Zara.

Exotic Tropical / Floral printed shorts

Gold Strappy Flat Sandals


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