Burberry Menswear Spring Summer 2014 Runway Review, London, Kensington Gardens

Ironically, it was the first time in decades that the 157 year old British luxury brand Burberry had showcased their menswear collection in London.

A tent was put up in London’s Kensington Gardens for the finale of Men's Fashion Week 2014 in London. 

It was pretty packed at the Burberry menswear Spring Summer 2014 runway show tent where people in the last few rows had to stand to watch the fashion event.

The key to Burberry's 2014 menswear collection was the controlled use of multiple colours to achieve a cool, youthful and dandy look.

Lightweight chiffon shirts were matched with thick cardigans which made the entire outfit suitable for windy areas and cooler climates like the UK.

Bright blue boat shoes punctuate dull color pants and complement the bright turquoise shirt, red neck tie and drawstring plimsoll bag.

Moss green shoes and a bright yellow leather drawstring plimsoll bag draws adds a beautiful stark contrast to the grandpa cardigan and teddy bear brown Mr. Bean pullover.

Moss green shoes are a safe bet even for older gentlemen. Now let's see if those fashion editors sitting in the front row in their brown leather shoes would take my advice.

V-neck sweaters are for ladies so how about trying the boatneck sweater?

I am super loving this colour combo that older gentlemen can try too.

Everyone needs a bright red shoe in their shoe cupboard to chase the rain away.

Feeling like a student again with roll-up jeans and silly bright colours.

The crowd looks super boring with their monotone dressing in contrast to the Burberry runway model.

The drawstring plimsoll bag is back! I still remember the days as a little girl carrying my sandwiches in the lunchbox along with random knick-knacks in a flimsy polyester version which was given away free by some milk powder company. This time, it is brought to you by Burberry in their signature luxurious Italian leather.

Is this quirky cool or a pathetic fail?

Accessorise your workwear outfits with cool bright yellow bags, pastel neckties and mint sorbet shades.

At Burberry, it's all about achieving a fine balance without trying too hard.

Hoodies are in again. Hooray!

Mint green watch, man clutch bag and skinny tie, want!

Expert layering as told by Christopher Bailey - perfect for warmer climates like Singapore where people are in desperate need of knowing what else they can wear besides T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

Take a page from Christopher Bailey on how to wear see-through apparel without looking too risque.

Lightweight cardigans in fine silk add a touch of elegance.

In a sea of black and whites, stand out in a pastel green peacoat, sunnies and eggshell blue skinny necktie.

Looking at the lighter side of life.

Somehow I can picture fashion blogger BryanBoy in this ridiculous shades.

Keep it casual with boat shoes, a brightly coloured skinny tie and yellow sunnies.

Simple luxury - bi-colour leather boat shoes that resemble colours of a plum and cherry a sour candy ball.

Cute and quirky  yellow spotty Burberry sunnies

Draw instant attention in bright red jumper paired with a salmon pink long-sleeved shirt and yellow skinny tie.

Throw on a stiff plastic looking red hoodie parka over smartly tailored pants to achieve that grown up schoolboy look.

The Burberry leather plimsoll bag in forest green.

I love functional fashion. Keeps you dry from the rain and raises your street cred.

The raincoat parka a la Burberry style.

Genius (mostly) at helm of Burberry, Creative Director Christopher Bailey makes a quick appearance and literally hops and skips away.

Watch the runway show and shop the Burberry menswear S/S 2014 runway items here: Burberry official site.

Image source: Burberry.com


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