How To Dress Fashionably For The Haze in Singapore

 photo singaporehazecrisisjune2013howtodressfashionably_zpsf26c41a4.jpg

(What I wore.. Oriental floral print pants: Zara, Finland - White Jacquard bomber jacket, Zara Singapore - Hat, H&M Singapore - Turquoise sequin top, Miss Selfridge UK - Sunglasses, Prada France - N95 face mask)

Unfazed by the haze, I decided to head out to get dinner as usual on a Friday night. The air smelt terrible and there was a lingering smell of burnt wood even in the toilets and basements of shopping malls.

One can be sure that the safest place to be would definitely be home if you air-tight and air-condition your house with all windows and doors closed.

The Singapore haze crisis now is the worse in decades in this tiny red dot of an island's history. Despite the PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) swinging from over 400 to 200 or what is classified under hazardous to very unhealthy levels respectively, I see many Singaporeans and complacent foreigners - families with young children, walking around the smog-filled streets without a care in the world.


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