Fashion Blogger Diaries: Dengue Fever Ordeal in Singapore

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I had contracted dengue fever in the past two weeks in Singapore. I have always hated mosquitoes and have always taken precaution with bug sprays, mosquito coils and even insect repellent which I spray directly on my body.

All the incessant fogging of the neighborhood to prevent the Aedes mosquitoes from breeding has failed miserably in Singapore. There is no way to contain the Aedes mosquito from breeding especially with so much construction of towering high-rise building and flats just to keep up with the overgrown population in Singapore. The health of millions in this tiny island is put to risk for the sake of rapid housing expansion over quality of life here in Singapore.

Dengue is one of the most dreaded tropical diseases in South East Asia, especially so when there is no cure for anyone struck with this disease. In severe cases, this life-threatening virus can cause internal bleeding, liver or heart failure and brain damage.

Since there is little or no information documenting the accounts of people suffering from dengue and what the effects are, I would like to share my harrowing experience with dengue fever this week on my blog.

My Dengue Diary:

Thursday, 4 July: My whole body felt sore and I was struck with sudden fever shortly after I woke up. I went back to bed and did not get up again till late in the afternoon. My fever ran high into the night despite taking the recommended amount of paracetamol (fever medicine).

The dengue virus can incubate in your body for days or weeks before any signs and symptoms appear.

Friday, 5 July: I had to cancel at appointment with my friend. I felt terrible. The fever did not stop and the paracetamol only gave me cold sweat for an hour before my body lunged back into a delirious state of high fever again.

I spent the night shivering under my bed covers for one moment and burning up with a high fever up to 40 degrees Celsius the next moment.

Saturday, 6 July: With a constant spell of dizziness and buzzing in my ear, I spent the rest of my day bedridden and went out to see a doctor at a nearby clinic in the evening. I was positive it was dengue fever. Since there was no cure for dengue, I just had to wait it out and suffer. I was advised to do a blood test by the doctor to see which one out of the 4 types of dengue I had contracted. He also advised me to be wary of my low platelet count which resulted from the dengue virus infection. Platelets are responsible for blood clotting to prevent profuse bleeding when one gets cut. I had to avoid bruising all cutting myself during this period of time as my body would not be able to stop bleeding and my immune system had already been greatly weakened by the virus.

(to be continued...)

Me, pre-dengue days. My life will never be the same again as I continue to battle the dengue virus in my body..


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