Fashion Blogger Diaries: Dengue Sucked The Life Out of Me

I feel like Daria Werbowy post hey-days as pictured here at a Lancome "Roses by..." exhibition in Toronto, Canada last month. My very lifeblood sucked out by the dengue virus.

Daria is pictured here in her hey-days and prime of her modelling career. Don't get me wrong, this Ukrainian supermodel is still rocking the covers of Vogue Paris and other fashion magazines.

My Dengue Diary (Part II):
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Sunday, 7 July: I woke up in the morning and my fever was back. When I brushed my teeth, my gums started to bleed, showing yet another symptom of dengue. 

Monday, 8 July: I couldn't take the headache, dizziness and high fever anymore. I went to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Accident & Emergency (A&E) department at 5.20pm. It looked like a crazy house clinic with queues of old people and ambulances rushing in every hour or so. I got my temperature taken by a senior - 39.4 degrees Celsius, and was ushered into the "Fever room" where I joined groups of others - mainly old men in drips and wheelchairs who were waiting to see the doctor. There were two anxious contractors who brought in two Indian foreign workers which I guessed as much had contracted dengue while they were working at the construction site.

When it was my turn, a nurse took my temperature again and asked me a few questions. I told her that my GP said I had dengue and I was positive I had contracted the viral tropical disease too. She was not convinced and told me to pop two fever pills instead and wait for my consultation with the doctor.

After popping two paracetamol pills and waiting for 15 minutes, I was ushered into a room to see the A&E doctor. The doctor asked me a few brief questions and he suspected I had some kind of viral fever but was not convinced it was dengue. I told him that my GP and I strongly believe that I had contracted dengue as I had displayed all the symptoms of dengue - sudden high fever, hot-cold sensation and roller-coaster temperature followed by sore joints and pain behind the eyeballs. He did not believe me and proceeded to take two vials of my blood. When I stood up to get to the door, I barely made it to the chair outside the doctor's. I nearly fainted and immediately broke into cold sweat and had to sit down for a while.

I had not eaten well for days due to the dengue fever and had a constant metallic taste in my mouth.

The doctor called me back in an hour later and told me that I should be hospitalized as my white blood cell count was abnormally low and my platelets were extremely low too. He suspected I could have a rare blood disease although I insisted it was dengue. The dengue blood test results would only be out the next day.

I waited till 11pm to be admitted into the hospital. However, my bed was still not ready and I was too tired to wait on so I requested to go home and rest instead. The doctor reluctantly agreed and had me sign a form to acknowledge the fact that I should have been hospitalized and yet I had decided to go home instead. 

Tuesday, 9 July - The fever seemed to have resided. However, I started developing a rash on my hands and feet. It got quite itchy and painful. I did not sleep the entire night as I was unable too. I tried dipping my hands in ice water, bags of ice-cubes but nothing could stop the itch.

(to be continued...)

My life will never be the same again as I continue to battle the dengue virus in my body..


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