Fashion Blogger Diaries: Remembering Those Who Suffered from Dengue [FINAL]

My Dengue Diary (Part IV) - The FINAL Chapter:

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(Hospitalized with a drip for Dengue fever in Singapore, keeping up with fashion with a GLAMOUR Germany magazine)

Friday - 12 July: It just got itchier, I got my blood taken first in the morning and was told if my platelets showed any sign of increasing numbers, I could get discharged the next day.

Saturday - 13 July: I prepared myself to be discharged from the hospital. I was weak as hell and could not walk for long without feeling breathless and tired. I felt like the dengue virus had taken away my youth, strength, energy and vitality and left me like a sickened 100 year old.

I am still recovering and the doctor said it would take two weeks to a month to fully regain my strength.

Recently, I had accidentally cut myself and I noticed that it took forever for the small wound to heal itself and the skin to stop bleeding and hurting. One must be extremely careful during this period as an adult afflicted with the dengue virus, as cuts and wounds would take longer than usual to heal as the body's immune system is down. 

Remembering people just like me who died from dengue or still are struggling with the virus living in their bodies.

I personally know of a friend's friend who worked for the Singapore police force and died of dengue while he was staying in the police camp. My mother's friend who was a healthy male nearing his forties caught dengue in Singapore two months ago and have since not yet recovered from the virus which still resides in his body like mine. He still has rashes on his legs, backs and buttocks.

Coping with dengue - How my life has changed since catching the infectious disease

I now come to understand some of the dangers of living in the tropics. Prior to catching dengue fever, I was happy and carefree to go out and never thought about being bitten by an Aedes mosquito and taken down by such a tiny insect. There is no place in this world that is safe from life-threatening dangers, not even sunny Singapore that was supposedly clean, green, safe and pandemic free. There has been 13,280 cumulative reported dengue cases in Singapore since 1 Jan 2013 and 9 new cases have been reported since yesterday. (Dengue statistics from the National Environment Agency of Singapore)

To date, I cannot go a night without sleeping pills as I tried twice this week. I was unable to sleep with itching all over my body - back, arms, legs and thighs.

Diet and nutrition becomes extremely important especially when one becomes immobile after the body is greatly weakened by the dengue virus. I have an abnormally slow heart rate now as long as the rashes do not recede. After the a consultation with the doctor from the endocrinology department today, I found out that my white blood cell count was still below normal levels and my liver has been affected by the dengue virus. Technically, I am unable to resume or perform physical or outdoor activities. Even a walk in the park or visit to the grocery store leaves me tired and restless. A week ago, I was unable to even brisk walk without feeling out of breath - a health state worse than a centenarian  In fact, most elderly people would be ten times fitter than me now because of my condition.

Spinach, fruits, omega-3, herbal teas and plenty of water are what I strive to include in my diet even though as my taste buds gradually return to normal. I was unable to taste anything - enjoy chocolate, cheese, snacks etc.

Looking into the future, I plan to resume bits of my normal life wherever possible and manage this incurable disease and the health complications it has inflicted on me.

My life will never be the same again as I continue to battle the dengue virus in my body..


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