How to Wear High Waist Denim Shorts

24 year old British model Daisy Lowe and 29 year old Alexa Chung who frequently fronts the cover of fashion magazines and campaigns such as DKNY and Lacoste, are seen here performing the worse fashion crime known to fashionistas as they completely destroy the high waist denim shorts look by pairing their ill-fitting shorts with an over-sized muscle Tee and an over-sized check shirt which Alexa desperately uses to cover her thin and disproportionate frame.

In contrast, Miley Cyrus pictured here in a photo from 2012 in an American Apparel bleached high waist denim shorts which she safely paired with a tight boob tube which kept her look clean and simple.

Just one thing to beware of, high waist shorts can make you look bulky and enhance the look of your chunky legs so remember to pick the correct cut for your body and pair it with fitting clothes like a tank top or cropped blouse.


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