The Perfect Pair: YSL Tribute Sandal

One of my favourite classic high heel sandals is the YSL Tribute sandal. I have it in lovely patent grape leather but these two Spring Summer edits of the YSL Tribute sandal in multi-colours are just too lovely to ignore.

Although the sandals have colourful straps, the tones are dark (e.g. black, red) or muted (brown, moss green) hence it makes it easy to match with even bright colour clothing like orange, red or yellow. These YSL sandals are just so versatile that they would be perfect with skinny jeans or formal-wear, girly dresses or sexy night-out clubbing pieces.

If I could have one of the above shoes, I would have a hard time making a choice between the black, red, white and brown sandals which are cool and kinda nautical colours inspired and the lovely woodstock forest green, mustard and brown tone sandals which I can imagine would work well with accompanying retro-inspired colours.

Which pair suits your personality more?

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