Saturday, August 31, 2013

From Our Readers: Colorful Fun Fashion

Meet Lynn Kiyomi who wrote about us as she stepped out confidently for a normal day to work. She chose bright and happy colours to elevate her mood and chase away the Monday blues. 

We love Lynn's black based floral dress which she paired with a sunny yellow cardigan, a coral necklace and daringly peep-toe wedge booties with bright orange socks. This bold fashionista is unafraid to experiment with colours and we would love to see her try out more new looks. I'm thinking stylish neutral tones or maybe even this fall-winter season's hottest grunge rock look that could be polished up.

Here's what Lynn had to say about her outfit.

"After throwing on these no-iron colours, I wondered if Jun of Unlikely You would consider this 'having fun with fashion'. The red socks were mainly for practical reasons. Was not trying to make a statement, or be cheesy, etc. Wore them as the shoes had previously scuffed my toes until they were bloodied. Full-length tights were too much trouble, and these socks were thin enough, as well as sharing a similar colour with my dress. I told my laughing colleagues, that my vibrant colours were to chase away any of their Monday blues."

We are absolutely flattered and overjoyed to know that more women and men are influenced by our style mantra after keeping up to date with our daily fashion editorial.

Our style mantra. "Fashion is not just for snobs. We want to help every woman or man find a unique style that she or he owns. The Unlikely You individual is never afraid to try something new and most of all this individual knows how to enjoy fashion!"

Keep more posts coming in!

Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Wear Top Knots & Messy Buns

The sassy and fuss-free top knot bun's all the rage this spring-summer and I tried this new hairstyle a month ago when I was out and about looking for eligible fashion candidates for our Sunday Street Style segment.

This hairdo should best be attempted by girls with long and fine hair. Comb all your hair up to form a high ponytail and curl it up into a bun. You can try the messy top knot bun look which I did or for a more polished look, you can use a stiff doughnut ponytail holder to form a more uniform coif.

I paired a fancy feather and sequin fringed cocktail party dress with a cream coloured, long, rugged-look casual blazer from Mango, a simple choker which was really a decoration for the neck of my Juicy Couture perfume bottle and black wedge boots for a simple yet stylish laid-back "luxe" look.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nightmare at Sephora ION Orchard - Conclusion

When they say it's time to Kiss and Make Up, sometimes it means Forever. In this case, we are referring to the Make Up For Ever Singapore team who have redeemed themselves and their brand reputation by handling the complaint I lodged earlier this month appropriately.

For the uninitiated, please refer to the previous posts here:

As for Sephora Singapore at ION Orchard and their incompetent French management team, we can only wish them luck to pull through this economic recession with unhappy customers bidding them adieu one-by-one.

Make Up For Ever Singapore responded quickly to my complaint and we exchanged a few e-mails before they invited me down to their professional make-up academy school and store at Armenian Street.

The Make Up For Ever representative conveyed that their Retail Manager had already spoken with the delinquent staff and counselled them regarding their bad attitude and reassured me that such incidents will not happen again. 

Make Up Forever also kindly offered me a complimentary MAKE UP SCHOOL lesson with their MAKE UP SCHOOL coaches.

When I politely declined, they then told me that they had prepared a small gift for me to collect at their MAKE UP SCHOOL.

I dropped by today and received a beautiful lip palette and eye make-up remover from a very friendly and professional Make Up For Ever staff - Michelle Yap, who was the retail manager in charge.

She was warm, welcoming and provided me with professional make-up advice. I have always preferred using bold and daring eye-shadow colours for my weekend outings and just had to ask a professional on the right way how to do so.

Michelle offered a few suggestions on how to use yellow eye-shadow to achieve specific looks which I found very useful. I also realised that Michelle was really well-trained and her professional make-up knowledge could easily beat most of the make-up counter staff at the retail-store level.

It is people like Michelle that takes pride in her work that makes a big difference in the life of customers just like me.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cheryl Cole's Rose Tattoo: Fashion Accessory or Not?

The recent media frenzy about British girl pop group Girls Aloud's Cheryl Cole and an instagram picture of her new English rose tattoo covering her lower back, derriere and thighs which took 8 painstaking months to complete made me rethink the taboo about tattoos.

This beautiful work of art by California-based tattooist Nikko Hurtado actually looks good enough to be a statement fashion accessory on its own.

Just think about any fashion accessory - a ring, necklace or bag which you absolutely adore and feel that it compliments you and represents your style and personality. This accessory would be one you would not leave home without. 

A beautiful tattoo might just be that permanent fashion accessory like a logo to a brand that a company chooses to define itself with. Most companies change their logo by tweaking it slightly and not by much whereas some companies do overhaul their logo after a period of time. 

To get inked with a permanent mark such as a tattoo on your body, one must really be absolutely sure what they would be going through and decide on the image or logo they would like to be branded with that will follow them throughout the rest of their life.

In this case, Cheryl Cole's decision at 30-years-old does not seem like a rash one.

Cheryl Cole seen here in a performance with Girls Aloud earlier this year in February.

This beautiful tattoo at a discreet area of the body is a perfect accessory for leather leggings and sexy, plunging V-back dresses.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MTV VMA 2013 Best & Worst Dressed

The winner of our best dressed at the MTV Music Video Awards 2013 is none other than supermodel turned fashion jewelry designer and actress Erin Wasson. This Virgo supermodel sure knows how to turn heads in the crowd on the red carpet wearing this season's hottest sheer maxi dress trend complete with a stylish turban to turn her sexy and risque look into a mystical, hippie one.

Despite all the negative attention on Miley Cyrus' "lewd" performance at the MTV VMA awards, we love her fun and spontaneous personality as she prances around onstage in a nude latex bra and underwear, taking the cropped bra-top and micro-mini shorts or "underwear as pants" trend to a whole new level. Robin Thicke looked dapper in a broad striped black and white suit paired with gold bling-blings.

At first glance, Miley may be pushing the borders of what's acceptable or deemed "decent" on stage as she performs various sexually explicit moves. Somehow I can't help but feel that Miley's all grown up and she's unafraid to show her real self and let her strong characteristics shine through everything else.

Ciara and Australian pop/ hip-hop sensation Iggy Azalea both dressed in sexy, sheer floor-length feather and sequinned gowns.

Selena Gomez loves experimenting with fashion and is unafraid of trying daring new looks. The best Pop Video Award winner at the MTV VMAs wore a stunning floor-length evening dress with shiny fastener details revealing a sexy corset inside. She paired her dramatic thigh-high split dress with see-through high heels.

Singer Ashanti looks sweet and simple in a mint green revealing cut-out halter dress with cinched details at the waist, flattering her curvy figure.

Miley Cyrus looks silly on the MTV VMA red carpet with a leotard inspired matching two-piece cropped top and high-waist pants. The close-up of the cheap and tacky plastic gemstones looked more like stage-wear than a red carpet close-up worthy outfit.

Katy Perry's bad teeth or teeth grill jewelry which read "ROAR" was downright ugly and impractical. I wondered how her stylist convinced Katy to pair the gaudy jewelry with her equally bad leopard print high-neck dress which looked like what a 60-year old star would wear on the red carpet to the MTV VMA awards. I guess some celebrities do have it rough when it comes to sponsored red carpet outfits from designers with bad designs.

Lady Gaga's VMA dress looked like her own DIY creation especially with the black garbage bag inspired bottom half and cheap polka-dot curtain train.

Rita Ora's dress was gorgeous but somehow it did not suit her usual rock and roll or hip-hop style. Her prim and proper office-executive ready hairstyle and bland make-up did not help either. Her poor styling made it look like it was a borrowed dress.

Style Tip: Ladies & gentleman, remember that just donning on a statement or fab dress doesn't mean the battle is won and you can forget about hair-styling, make-up and accessorizing.

I had to blink my eyes twice as I thought I saw 40-year-old supermodel Eva Herzigova trying to dress up to look like Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift's bad bygone era hairdo complete with tight curls came off more stale and boring than glamourous.

The lady on the right has clearly demonstrated the opposite of showing too much skin can do no harm as her hairstyle and make-up reminded one of a blow-up doll.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Star Style: Helen Flanagan's Tropical Print Jumpsuit

Saturday Star Style featuring celebrity Helen Flanagan

Who needs monotone boring boiler suits that look like prison outfits? 

Not 23-year-old British soap actress, model and celebrity Helen Flanagan who shows us all how to wear a jumpsuit.

Helen dons a big roomy jumpsuit in bright, bold and colourful tropical prints as she goes out and about town in London.

She paired her eye-catching jumpsuit with patent black sandals featuring a matching tropical flower design and a white Chanel 2.55 handbag.

Her bleached blond hair was tied up into this season's most sassy hairstyle or look - the top knot bun.

Image source:

H&M Fall Winter 2013-2014 Runway Trends

H&M's Fall Winter 2013-2014 runway collection is set to hit stores worldwide on 5 September.

Here's our top 5 picks from the H&M Fall Winter collection that will set the stage for key Fall Winter looks and trends this year.

#1 Tassels

Girly, romantic or sexy, tassels add on an interesting, old-school touch to shoes, bags, clothing and in this case skirts in H&M's Fall 2013 collection.

#2 Leather shorts

Studded, laced or just plain straight leather, shorts create the most versatile looks. Make a statement this Fall with sportswear inspired fashion - leather shorts.

#3 Tuxedo pants

The updated H&M tuxedo pants with a sexy cut and additional belt buckle trimming behind will take you from work to party in a flash.

Accessorize your sleek look with a cheeky smile just like our favourite adorable supermodel Lindsey Wixon.

#4 Sheer Maxi skirt

Move over hi-lo skirts, as sheer maxi skirts take center-stage this fall to keep your legs warm and yet sexy at the same time.

#5 Fluffy feather of fur jacket

Over-sized fluffy feather or fur jackets are a Fall must-have and staple item for all fashionistas in their wardrobe. Perfect to throw over otherwise boring jeans or dress and tights combo and paired with over-the-knee boots for that classy yet ultra-chic look.

Image source:

Friday, August 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Bohemian Hippie Spirit

After the last few weeks of traumatic experience with Sephora's incompetent management & staff regarding the racist attack and bullying by Make Up Forever employees in their large sprawling retail store in the city centre of Orchard Road in Singapore, I have decided to share a free-spirited, carefree bohemian look I wore some weeks back.

The sequin Indian-style purple dress is from Indiska Norway, red cropped faux fur vest from Tally Weijl France and crazy-cool bi-colour suede boots which are over-the-knee, lace-up and comfy from Jeffrey Campbell.

The spiky eye gemstone ring is from France, sparkly chunky jewel bracelet from Debenhams UK and gold lion and horn mystical creature necklace from Roberto Cavalli which is more than 5 years old. I do not accessorize often but when I'm in the mood to, I usually pile on a few. In this case, the statement fashion jewelry helped break up the monotone colour of the deep purple outfit.

Here's to a carefree weekend ahead!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nightmare at Sephora ION Orchard, Singapore - Part II


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Sephora's beauty business is in serious trouble and needs help

Mickey said he would talk to the top management about this and contact me on the 19th or 20th August.

As we were leaving the store, passing the Make Up Forever counter, I heard a fake laughter right behind me. I knew that the problem was not going to be settled so easily with the Make Up Forever staff knowing that they can get away with anything as their real bosses were not around. Amanda and the rest of the Make Up Forever team at Sephora ION Orchard would continue to be arrogant and complacent as they know that the Sephora management in Singapore are unable to take any action despite their misbehaviour. Micky had mentioned that his hands were tied and that he was unable to fire any of their vendor's staff.

As my friend and I were leaving Sephora ION Orchard at the front entrance, there was a male Filipino Sephora staff who recognised us and smiled smugly to himself.

At that moment, we both knew that Sephora had a serious problem going on with their staff which transcends deeper than just surface-level customer service ineffectiveness.

The Sephora HQ in France has obviously not empowered the Sephora Singapore staff adequately to act on serious matters such as the bullying of customers on the sales floor of Sephora stores in Asia.

To make matters worse, my attempt to contact the Sephora France HQ and Sephora US via their social media platform - Facebook page had failed miserably. It was remarkable how the Sephora France HQ shifted the responsibility back to Sephora Singapore who were unable to resolve the problem in the first place. 

"This just goes to show that Sephora's management team have chosen to ignore their Asian regional team and take a half-assed approach to the Asian market expansion plan." 

Never will I shop at Sephora again. Neither will I recommend any of my friends and you readers out there to shop at Sephora again.

There is already no need to shop at physical stores for beauty products as the items available at Sephora are easily available online. Alternatively, there are still many other retail stores who do supervise their vendors adequately - TANGS, Takashimaya, Metro, Isetan, Robinsons, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus just to name a few.

"I wish Sephora all the best in this highly competitive Asian Beauty Market especially when they have no regards for their Asian customers."

P.S. Just in case you think I'm the only one complaining about Sephora's non-responsive, non-existent customer service, read SEPHORA SUCKS - the blog here.

Yesterday, I received a formal apology from the Make Up Forever communications team stating that they would look into the situation. I have responded to their e-mail today stating that I would like to know what the investigation outcome would be and what actions they would be taking in order to ensure such horrible incidents would not occur to other customers.

The response from the Make Up Forever management shows that the company does care for their customers and also takes their brand reputation seriously. 

However, this is only the first step forward. 

"Can Make Up Forever avoid being pigeon-holed into an 'All Talk and No Action' company category or would they succumb to Sephora's low standards?"

I would be following up with them and updating you all on the latest news next week.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nightmare at Sephora ION Orchard, Singapore

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I am sharing my personal bad customer service experience at Sephora Singapore and Make Up Forever Singapore so that my dear readers like you do not need to go through unjustified, blatant racism and bullying like I did.

Sephora is a French beauty store carrying hundreds of international beauty brands - perfumes, make-up, skincare, hair-care and various other beauty products.

Make Up Forever is one of the vendors in Sephora, ION Orchard Singapore.

Here is how the story of my unfortunate experience at Sephora Singapore unfolds...

On Sunday, 4 Aug around 7.30pm, I was shopping at Sephora, ION Orchard when two male staff from the Make Up Forever counter headed towards me with loud, animated movements as they raised their arms above their heads and intimidated me. Their actions displayed total disrespect as they made fun of my dressing. One of them was a very tall Malay transvestite and had bleached light brown hair.

There were no other shoppers around me hence I was the victim of unprovoked bullying as the Make Up Forever staff at the counter taunted me for no apparent reason.

I was taken aback and left the shop with my friend. I was in a state of shock and had to calm myself down before returning to Sephora 30-minutes later to speak to a store manager about the bullying incident. I spoke to the store supervisor Beng Cheng who took down my mobile number and told me she would look into the incident.

Three days later, I did not receive any calls from Sephora so I went down to the ION Orchard outlet again and spoke to Beng Cheng and her senior store supervisor Micky who were both Chinese. Micky apologised about my uncomfortable experience at Sephora and promised to look into the situation and speak to the Make Up Forever staff and management. They said "Amanda" - whom was one of the identified assailants at the Make Up Forever counter was on leave for the Hari Raya Holidays and would speak to her the week after.

A full working week later, no one from Sephora contacted me so I went down to the store again. This time, I spoke to Beng Cheng again and she went over to the Make Up Forever counter to ask one of the staff where Amanda was. The female Malay Make Up Forever staff who was short and stocky, wearing glasses with a side of her head shaved off was aggressive. She asked what was the problem. She had both hands on her hips and was displaying anger as if she already had complete knowledge of the situation.

I felt threatened by the nasty Make Up Forever staff who showed complete disrespect not only to me and my friend but Beng Cheng who was the Sephora store supervisor.

"I wonder how such rude and aggressive so-called make-up artists are able to advise customers on how to put on make-up on non-angry faces. I can only pray for the poor unsuspecting victims who will become guinea pigs for violent make-up artists with a serious attitude problem. It looks like sweet or natural Spring Summer make-up won't be hit at this joint."

Beng Cheng told us that Amanda was having a break and said to come back 40-minutes later. When we returned, we spoke to the senior store supervisor Micky. We asked why we had not been contacted in the past two weeks to quickly resolve this simple situation. Micky whipped out a quick excuse and said he did not have my contact number surprisingly even after my number was already taken down by his subordinate two weeks ago. "Perhaps the naive Sephora staff thought I would have quickly forgotten about this incident."

Micky suggested that we have a face-to-face discussion with Amanda who obviously denied remembering anything which made it pretty convenient for him to get off the hook. We were surprised that we still had to have a discussion with Amanda when all I expected was just an apology from Amanda and that Micky and Make Up Forever would have taken adequate disciplinary action against the misbehaving counter staff that had bullied a customer.

Instead, the rest of the Make Up Forever counter staff at Sephora, ION Orchard continued to be aggressive towards customers and had no regard even for the Sephora store supervisors.

"Would you trust make-up artists with bad attitude problems - would you trust some un-professional, angry make-up artist to apply make-up on your face and then suggest what suits you? Can these so-called make up artists be trusted? The answer is NO."

I would rather visit any other beauty counter at an independent store like Tangs, Robinsons, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Harvey Nichols..the list goes on.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sephora's Bad Customer Service & Broken Management

How Clueless are Sephora's Top Management? 

Tune in tomorrow to find out more.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Street Style: Sweet & Girly Style

Meet Reina from Malaysia. 

This sweet and pretty teenage model rocks a casual sweet and girly outfit - a rose-print floral bustier and a white lace floral skirt with bright red Valentino rockstud high heel sandals and a lavender pastel Hermes birkin bag. It looks white in the picture above though.

Reina was spontaneous and knew how to pose well for flattering shots like a proper model. We hope to meet more fashionable and confident women like Reina on the streets of Singapore.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fab Friday: Celeb Style Weekend Casual Dressing

#1 Helen Flanagan's Street-cred Style

British soap actress and model Helen Flanagan is seen in black suede sneakers, an over-sized "HYPE" sweatshirt and a figure-hugging black mini-skirt. She paired her simple but cool all-black outfit with a contrasting white Chanel handbag, chunky gold chain, wayfarers and perfected the look with a messy top-bun hairstyle.

#2 Ashley Greene's Tomboyish Street Style 

Twilight actress and DKNY campaign model Ashley Greene knows how to look sassy even for a trip to the grocery store. Ashley displays her athletic figure in a bright yellow cropped muscle tee, mini denim shorts and rugged looking grey leather cowboy boots. Ashley wore her recently bleached golden locks in a tight, messy top-knot bun as well.

#3 Elle Fanning's super casual white and blue combo style

Actress and model Elle Fanning paired her bleached blond locks with a white shirt and white shoulder bag that blended in with her pale white skin so much so that it looks like it's glowing.

Elle's bottom half was kept sweet and simple in contrasting tonal blue - faded blue denim jeans and blue canvas boat shoes.

Image source:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Laid back Cool Look

How to get dressed in 5 minutes for a casual dining-out session at the local pizzeria - Grab a bright colour print dress, throw on a black and white monochrome cardigan for that stark contrast, accessorize with chains, studs, tortoiseshell trimmings and a simple hat to shield your face from the sun.

What I wore: Black wool wide-brim hat from H&M, Tortoiseshell trim Aviator Sunglasses from Carrera, Orange tile print dress with red rope detail belt from Bershka, Pointy-toe stud contrast ballerina flats from Forever 21.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to School Backpack that's Devilishly Good

Ange Ou Démon? Pick your choice but either way one would look devilishly good with this bright lipstick red leather drawstring backpack from Lost Mannequin

The striking colour, silver rock & roll buckle details and large stitched wing with fantastic embroidery detail on the top flap make this back to school backpack a winner for students or middle-age adults alike. 

Dress it down in ripped denim shorts and a graphic tank top or dress it up with a leather jacket, skirts and ripped tights for that instant punk rock chick look.

Oh yea, and don't forget the bright red lipstick for that instant glamour transformation.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teen Choice Awards 2013: Best & Worst Dressed

Nina Dobrev, NOT Selena Gomez won our Teen Choice Awards 2013 Best Dressed actress and celebrity choice. The star of the Vampire Diaries teenage drama series not only dressed her age in a sexy but classy manner but did her hair up in a sassy & stylish wavy high-top ponytail. Her make-up was kept to a bare minimum just like her fuss-free simple strappy sandals.

On the other hand, I was disappointed that Selena Gomez who usually leads in the style arena fell for the "I'm a young girl and I want to look older" trap. Selena Gomez wore a dark green slash and slit filled designer dress by Cushnie et Ochs' Fall Winter 2013 collection.

Another young Hollywood starlet who fell for the "auntie" or "middle-aged woman" look was Kick-Ass 2 actress Chloe Grace Moretz who wore a bandage dress that not only did not flatter her figure but made her look like a giant stalky sweet potato.

17-year old American actress Abigail Breslin channeled a British old lady in her perfect granny tea-cake dress and cardigan set. Whoever her stylist is ought to be fired and sent to Singapore to work for the local fashion magazines.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato love their lesbian look or boyish inspired hairstyles from the 80s or 90s - Mullet head, check, short, cropped boy-do, check. Some youngsters just love to live in the past they never knew about or experienced before. I call them ignorant copy-cats without a personal style to call their own.

Ashley Benson is surprisingly a model on top of an actress. Who would have know that with Ashley's bad fashion sense. She paired a satin crop top with a satin peplum skirt with messy fishnet and sequin flower details. This disastrous combo drew attention to her middle and made her look much bigger than she really is.

16-year old actress Hailee Steinfeld is another classic Hollywood example of a teeny-bopper wanting to grow-up too quickly. Her massive ankle-skimming flamboyant dress was more suitable for Diana Ross than her.

15 year old Disney star Bella Thorne tries her best to look older with permed, wavy hair and a high-neck bold palm-print sweatshirt. I adore Bella Thorne's style usually and fortunately her mini skirt and the contrasting color outfit saved the day.

Lily Collins goes for a full on exaggerated bun which old ladies love. This hairdo from the bygone era instantly adds on 20 years to anyone's age. The actress who stars in the latest teen movie - Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, had a tropical print combo which was much blander than Bella's so much so that she could have blended into a black and white palm tree print wallpaper background.

Next up on the red carpet disaster walk of the Teen Choice Awards 2013 are bland, blander and blandest, sisters in the cut-paste world of American-style fashion-magazine dressing and willing brainwashed victims of mainstream "fail-safe" fashion. Oh the irony.

The trio above have gone for the classic "I've thrown on a nice dress and that's that." Little did they know that boring one-piece outfits have to be accessorised and the person wearing it has to be styled in such a way that the entire look does not resemble a mannequin at a JCPenny store-front.

Prints are exciting - if you choose the right one. Not the case for these 3 attendees to the Teen Choice Awards - not red-carpet worthy at all.

I seriously thought these 4 girls belonged to a generic American pop group on X-factor. I was shocked to realise that they were actually the cast of the TV drama series Pretty Little Liars. Well at least they did not try too hard to get attention and yet fail miserably over and over again like Korean actress and Hollywood star wannabe - Hana Mae Lee.