From Our Readers: Colorful Fun Fashion

Meet Lynn Kiyomi who wrote about us as she stepped out confidently for a normal day to work. She chose bright and happy colours to elevate her mood and chase away the Monday blues. 

We love Lynn's black based floral dress which she paired with a sunny yellow cardigan, a coral necklace and daringly peep-toe wedge booties with bright orange socks. This bold fashionista is unafraid to experiment with colours and we would love to see her try out more new looks. I'm thinking stylish neutral tones or maybe even this fall-winter season's hottest grunge rock look that could be polished up.

Here's what Lynn had to say about her outfit.

"After throwing on these no-iron colours, I wondered if Jun of Unlikely You would consider this 'having fun with fashion'. The red socks were mainly for practical reasons. Was not trying to make a statement, or be cheesy, etc. Wore them as the shoes had previously scuffed my toes until they were bloodied. Full-length tights were too much trouble, and these socks were thin enough, as well as sharing a similar colour with my dress. I told my laughing colleagues, that my vibrant colours were to chase away any of their Monday blues."

We are absolutely flattered and overjoyed to know that more women and men are influenced by our style mantra after keeping up to date with our daily fashion editorial.

Our style mantra. "Fashion is not just for snobs. We want to help every woman or man find a unique style that she or he owns. The Unlikely You individual is never afraid to try something new and most of all this individual knows how to enjoy fashion!"

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