Nightmare at Sephora ION Orchard, Singapore

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I am sharing my personal bad customer service experience at Sephora Singapore and Make Up Forever Singapore so that my dear readers like you do not need to go through unjustified, blatant racism and bullying like I did.

Sephora is a French beauty store carrying hundreds of international beauty brands - perfumes, make-up, skincare, hair-care and various other beauty products.

Make Up Forever is one of the vendors in Sephora, ION Orchard Singapore.

Here is how the story of my unfortunate experience at Sephora Singapore unfolds...

On Sunday, 4 Aug around 7.30pm, I was shopping at Sephora, ION Orchard when two male staff from the Make Up Forever counter headed towards me with loud, animated movements as they raised their arms above their heads and intimidated me. Their actions displayed total disrespect as they made fun of my dressing. One of them was a very tall Malay transvestite and had bleached light brown hair.

There were no other shoppers around me hence I was the victim of unprovoked bullying as the Make Up Forever staff at the counter taunted me for no apparent reason.

I was taken aback and left the shop with my friend. I was in a state of shock and had to calm myself down before returning to Sephora 30-minutes later to speak to a store manager about the bullying incident. I spoke to the store supervisor Beng Cheng who took down my mobile number and told me she would look into the incident.

Three days later, I did not receive any calls from Sephora so I went down to the ION Orchard outlet again and spoke to Beng Cheng and her senior store supervisor Micky who were both Chinese. Micky apologised about my uncomfortable experience at Sephora and promised to look into the situation and speak to the Make Up Forever staff and management. They said "Amanda" - whom was one of the identified assailants at the Make Up Forever counter was on leave for the Hari Raya Holidays and would speak to her the week after.

A full working week later, no one from Sephora contacted me so I went down to the store again. This time, I spoke to Beng Cheng again and she went over to the Make Up Forever counter to ask one of the staff where Amanda was. The female Malay Make Up Forever staff who was short and stocky, wearing glasses with a side of her head shaved off was aggressive. She asked what was the problem. She had both hands on her hips and was displaying anger as if she already had complete knowledge of the situation.

I felt threatened by the nasty Make Up Forever staff who showed complete disrespect not only to me and my friend but Beng Cheng who was the Sephora store supervisor.

"I wonder how such rude and aggressive so-called make-up artists are able to advise customers on how to put on make-up on non-angry faces. I can only pray for the poor unsuspecting victims who will become guinea pigs for violent make-up artists with a serious attitude problem. It looks like sweet or natural Spring Summer make-up won't be hit at this joint."

Beng Cheng told us that Amanda was having a break and said to come back 40-minutes later. When we returned, we spoke to the senior store supervisor Micky. We asked why we had not been contacted in the past two weeks to quickly resolve this simple situation. Micky whipped out a quick excuse and said he did not have my contact number surprisingly even after my number was already taken down by his subordinate two weeks ago. "Perhaps the naive Sephora staff thought I would have quickly forgotten about this incident."

Micky suggested that we have a face-to-face discussion with Amanda who obviously denied remembering anything which made it pretty convenient for him to get off the hook. We were surprised that we still had to have a discussion with Amanda when all I expected was just an apology from Amanda and that Micky and Make Up Forever would have taken adequate disciplinary action against the misbehaving counter staff that had bullied a customer.

Instead, the rest of the Make Up Forever counter staff at Sephora, ION Orchard continued to be aggressive towards customers and had no regard even for the Sephora store supervisors.

"Would you trust make-up artists with bad attitude problems - would you trust some un-professional, angry make-up artist to apply make-up on your face and then suggest what suits you? Can these so-called make up artists be trusted? The answer is NO."

I would rather visit any other beauty counter at an independent store like Tangs, Robinsons, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Harvey Nichols..the list goes on.


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