Nightmare at Sephora ION Orchard - Conclusion

When they say it's time to Kiss and Make Up, sometimes it means Forever. In this case, we are referring to the Make Up For Ever Singapore team who have redeemed themselves and their brand reputation by handling the complaint I lodged earlier this month appropriately.

For the uninitiated, please refer to the previous posts here:

As for Sephora Singapore at ION Orchard and their incompetent French management team, we can only wish them luck to pull through this economic recession with unhappy customers bidding them adieu one-by-one.

Make Up For Ever Singapore responded quickly to my complaint and we exchanged a few e-mails before they invited me down to their professional make-up academy school and store at Armenian Street.

The Make Up For Ever representative conveyed that their Retail Manager had already spoken with the delinquent staff and counselled them regarding their bad attitude and reassured me that such incidents will not happen again. 

Make Up Forever also kindly offered me a complimentary MAKE UP SCHOOL lesson with their MAKE UP SCHOOL coaches.

When I politely declined, they then told me that they had prepared a small gift for me to collect at their MAKE UP SCHOOL.

I dropped by today and received a beautiful lip palette and eye make-up remover from a very friendly and professional Make Up For Ever staff - Michelle Yap, who was the retail manager in charge.

She was warm, welcoming and provided me with professional make-up advice. I have always preferred using bold and daring eye-shadow colours for my weekend outings and just had to ask a professional on the right way how to do so.

Michelle offered a few suggestions on how to use yellow eye-shadow to achieve specific looks which I found very useful. I also realised that Michelle was really well-trained and her professional make-up knowledge could easily beat most of the make-up counter staff at the retail-store level.

It is people like Michelle that takes pride in her work that makes a big difference in the life of customers just like me.


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