Star Style: Lily Collins Christian Louboutin O-T-K Boots

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Lily out and about in sexy thigh high stiletto Loubies

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Lily Collins graces the cover of the September 2013 Seventeen UK teenage lifestyle and fashion magazine. Lily is wearing a bright red leopard print runaway crewneck tunic lana jacquard dress by DKNY.

Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins was spotted out and about in a strange sheer colour-block blouse that did not go well with her bottom half. She wore her hair in a style which could only be described at granny or for middle age ladies and wore make-up which was a tad too strong for that hairstyle. The horrified expression of the lady passerby behind says it all about Lily Collin's mis-matched look.

On the overall, she looked like just another young girl trying to dress up like her mom. However, her bottom half dressing was much commendable in a simple but classy shorts and over-the-knee boots combo. Lily Collin's gorgeous leather cuffed thigh high boots from Christian Louboutin with a pin-thin metal stiletto was overly sexy and to-die-for.


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