Teen Choice Awards 2013: Best & Worst Dressed

Nina Dobrev, NOT Selena Gomez won our Teen Choice Awards 2013 Best Dressed actress and celebrity choice. The star of the Vampire Diaries teenage drama series not only dressed her age in a sexy but classy manner but did her hair up in a sassy & stylish wavy high-top ponytail. Her make-up was kept to a bare minimum just like her fuss-free simple strappy sandals.

On the other hand, I was disappointed that Selena Gomez who usually leads in the style arena fell for the "I'm a young girl and I want to look older" trap. Selena Gomez wore a dark green slash and slit filled designer dress by Cushnie et Ochs' Fall Winter 2013 collection.

Another young Hollywood starlet who fell for the "auntie" or "middle-aged woman" look was Kick-Ass 2 actress Chloe Grace Moretz who wore a bandage dress that not only did not flatter her figure but made her look like a giant stalky sweet potato.

17-year old American actress Abigail Breslin channeled a British old lady in her perfect granny tea-cake dress and cardigan set. Whoever her stylist is ought to be fired and sent to Singapore to work for the local fashion magazines.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato love their lesbian look or boyish inspired hairstyles from the 80s or 90s - Mullet head, check, short, cropped boy-do, check. Some youngsters just love to live in the past they never knew about or experienced before. I call them ignorant copy-cats without a personal style to call their own.

Ashley Benson is surprisingly a model on top of an actress. Who would have know that with Ashley's bad fashion sense. She paired a satin crop top with a satin peplum skirt with messy fishnet and sequin flower details. This disastrous combo drew attention to her middle and made her look much bigger than she really is.

16-year old actress Hailee Steinfeld is another classic Hollywood example of a teeny-bopper wanting to grow-up too quickly. Her massive ankle-skimming flamboyant dress was more suitable for Diana Ross than her.

15 year old Disney star Bella Thorne tries her best to look older with permed, wavy hair and a high-neck bold palm-print sweatshirt. I adore Bella Thorne's style usually and fortunately her mini skirt and the contrasting color outfit saved the day.

Lily Collins goes for a full on exaggerated bun which old ladies love. This hairdo from the bygone era instantly adds on 20 years to anyone's age. The actress who stars in the latest teen movie - Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, had a tropical print combo which was much blander than Bella's so much so that she could have blended into a black and white palm tree print wallpaper background.

Next up on the red carpet disaster walk of the Teen Choice Awards 2013 are bland, blander and blandest, sisters in the cut-paste world of American-style fashion-magazine dressing and willing brainwashed victims of mainstream "fail-safe" fashion. Oh the irony.

The trio above have gone for the classic "I've thrown on a nice dress and that's that." Little did they know that boring one-piece outfits have to be accessorised and the person wearing it has to be styled in such a way that the entire look does not resemble a mannequin at a JCPenny store-front.

Prints are exciting - if you choose the right one. Not the case for these 3 attendees to the Teen Choice Awards - not red-carpet worthy at all.

I seriously thought these 4 girls belonged to a generic American pop group on X-factor. I was shocked to realise that they were actually the cast of the TV drama series Pretty Little Liars. Well at least they did not try too hard to get attention and yet fail miserably over and over again like Korean actress and Hollywood star wannabe - Hana Mae Lee.


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