Throwback Thursday: Off-Duty Rock Star Dressing

Here's how to dress like a rock star without being all over the top.

Step 1: Dress down in flats. Make sure there's a heavy metal element to it - like studs or shiny black patent leather.

Step 2: Put on a T-shirt dress or mini-dress in white, black or gray with simple rock-inspired or Gothic motif prints. I topped it up with this Gothic motif rhinestone embellished bat-wing sweater mini-dress.

Step 3: A hat or full-black aviator sunglasses is essential to complete the "I just woke up and I'm a rock star look" so I throw on my favourite wide-brimmed fedora hat from the H&M Icons collection.

No make-up on me and I still feel fabulous enough to head out for a nice evening with my pals.


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