New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 Runway Review - Day 4 to 6

September 8, 9, 10, 2013 New York Fashion Week Day 4, 5 and 6

1) DKNY Spring Summer 2014
Playing tennis, how original.

It seems DKNY is trying too hard to fit in with the kids by throwing in random elements of high-top-sneakers and basketball mesh top materials to the otherwise grown-up New York label's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection.

Minus the dorky cap and backpack, this DKNY white suit may still be salvageable.

Gone parachuting? Lime green Nike running shoes and an over-sized long overalls-style romper in alien green parachute material is either fit for a blood-curdling psycho butchering session or for a mental patient to be sent straight to the ward.

Rap-school cool? NOT at all as this DKNY Spring Summer 2014 runway piece of hoodies and sweatpants tries a D&G all-over alphabet print design only to fail miserably. That's right, DKNY is no D&G.

1) Custo Barcelona Spring Summer 2014
Sheer blouses and shiny bubble skirts in pretty bubblegum pink at the Custo Barcelona Spring Summer 2014 runway show - sweet enough for a date night out and simple enough for office-wear.

Tribal print patterns and bikini style crop tops make a comeback this Spring Summer 2014 at the Custo Barcelona runway show.

We just love the details on this silk embroidery style pants with tiger head prints from the Custo Barcelona Spring Summer 2014 menswear collection.

Tribal print sequin jacket with matching top and pointy-heel tribal design ankle strap heels

Feel all powerful in a shiny silver jacket and silver foil T-shirt. For a clever mix of smart casual, thrown on a washed-out Aztec-print bermudas and matching loafers.

Stay cool in Custo Barcelona's shiny, patterned bodysuits.

3) Trina Turk Spring Summer 2014
Look utterly ridiculous in a pork pie hat and floral blazer with bermudas (A Big No-No for Men) just like this male model at the Trina Turk Spring Summer 2014 presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Like a female rapper gone wrong with see-through mesh detail Aladdin & the Magic Lamp harem pants, this model should clearly not have anything to smile about this Trina Turk outfit.

4) Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto Spring Summer 2014
Yumi Lambert on the Y3 Yohji Yamamoto SS2014 runway

The Y3 Yohji Yamamoto Spring Summer 2014 show had models walking down in dramatic painted eye-shadow colours such as reddish orange on the eyelid and moss green on the bottom lid, just like the colours of mother earth. The theme was sporty streets-wear in rainbow colours and some were monotone black and white with graphic stripe details.

Close-up details of the Y3 Yohji Yamamoto show: Model Yumi Lambert wears a rainbow coloured feather in one side of her hair with a single braid which symbolises freedom and rebelliousness. The heavy side parting is secured loosely by a bobby pin, creating a soft fringe for a youthful look.

Designer Yohji Yamamoto used heavy layering of lightweight fabric in rainbow colours to create a girly yet sporty top and bottom combo. The Spring Summer 2014 runway collection also showcased unique clog shoes with contrast trimming and block heels inspired by a geisha or Chinese Manchurian era girls' shoes.

Close-up details of the Y3 Yohji Yamamoto show: How to do the Messy, Tousled Hair with Side Braid Hairdo

Rainbow hue casual men's track pants and hooded T-shirt.

Tough-chic: Yohji Yamamoto's take on street-wear for hunks.

Leggings for men never looked so cool in this monochrome bold candy cane stripe design by Y3 Yohji Yamamoto.

5) Zac Posen Spring Summer 2014
Zac Posen must have been inspired by the curtains in his home for this bizarre piece that looks and probably is extremely heavy and completely devoured the model's figure.

5) Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2014
Throw on a relaxed knit instead of a kaftan to keep warm after a dip. Tommy Hilfiger's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection features the new fully-functional beach bag - a transformable carry-all tote and shoulder bag in a cool teal blue.

Pair a chunky cropped knit sweater with a sexy zip-down detail skin-tight leather motorcycle pants.

Our favourite model with an attitude Hanne Gaby Odiele struts the Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2014 runway in an all-over tangerine outfit perfect for summer - cropped top, boxer shorts and Harajuku style bomber jacket.

Break the monotone icy cool blue colour with a navy striped top and a pop of green in the form of emerald green suede sandals.

Who says a girl can't have flowers on a menswear-inspired boxy leather jacket? Not designer Tommy Hilfiger as he sends a model down the runway in one of his super cool anything goes street-wear inspired beach wear collection.

6) Donna Karan Spring Summer 2014
Donna Karan's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection was filled with plently of blue and neutral earthy brown tones. The New York based designer used plenty of snakeskin in her Spring Summer accessories - handbags, high heel sandals and even a blue python jacket.

There were heavy Japanese samurai and warlord influences in Donna Karan's Spring Summer 2014 collection style. The model above has her hair combed back and wears a kimono style inner blouse and jacket.

Cool elements in the Donna Karan runway show: A model wears a wide belt that resembles a medieval leather sword sheath or scabbard. Some might interpret it as a Japanese katana holder.

A big fashion fail at the Donna Karan Spring Summer 2014 runway show was the giant, floppy wicked witch of the west hats that John Galliano would wear. Perhaps Donna was remembering the fallen designer.

The shogun style blanket drape jacket with rugged edges paired with a silk blourse and beautiful pleated, flared skirt which is a signature Donna Karan look is just stunning and embodies both ruggedness and femininity at the same time. The Donna Karan woman is a confident and powerful individual not just in monetary wealth but spirit as well.

Beautiful blue double breasted zip-up python jacket from Donna Karan's Spring Summer 2014 runway show.

The second half of the Donna Karan Spring Summer show changes from blue tones to earthy brown ones. This thigh-high split maxi skirt sports a unique Indonesian batik style print, perfect for the world traveller.

This Donna Karan tribal print kaftan and sarong style thigh high split skirt is dangerously close to the iconic Singapore Airlines symbol - the Singapore Girl or air stewardess' outfit.

Tribal print Trapeze Dress by Donna Karan. Notice the plain hair comb inserted on the head crown to secure the sluck back hair for that ultra Oriental-style look.

Joan Smalls wears a draping silk floor-length one-shoulder Grecian dress perfect for red carpet events.

Designer Donna Karan walks out at the end of her Spring Summer 2014 runway show wearing Donna Karan natural wooden belt and necklace accessories, a tribal print scarf and a perforated leather tote bag.

7) Reem Acra Spring Summer 2014
Models at the Reem Acra Spring Summer 2014 runway show suffered not just from wearing tacky, glitzy gold and silver dresses from the bygone era but bad poodle hair as well.

8) Libertine Spring Summer 2014
Designer Johnson Hartig started the label Libertine in 2000. He is known to revolutionise the way of using graphics and deconstruction of classic fashion pieces sometimes using, recycled clothing. In Libertine's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection, the menswear suit as seen above is a combination of clashing zig-zag prints, random designs and sequins that are all made to work when combined together as a statement casual ensemble of T-shirt, blazer and pants.

Quirky fun menswear at Libertine's Spring Summer 2014 runway show - crab and bubbly print sweater and a khaki pants sheared off to become a pair of bermudas with cute embroidery details.

Foil-print suits for the bad boy cartoon character lover.

9) Tory Burch Spring Summer 2014
Lindsey Wixon wears a tennis attire that Maria Sharapova would wear at the Tory Burch Spring Summer 2014 runway show.

Yumi Lambert wears a head to toe garden print blouse, pants and leather waist pouch. This Tory Burch Spring Summer 2014 runway outfit basically looks like granny pyjamas.

Tory Burch plays it safe with her mass market approach to handbags, accessories and apparel. The Spring Summer 2014 Tory Burch runway collection appeals to flower basket carrying, “life all planned out” career women stuck in the same 9-to-5 safe jobs from when they first enter their first job till their last (still the same job), women who don't dare to think outside what life would be like if they did not settle down and marry in their twenties and have children right after marriage and once they have their kids their life's ultimate goal is accomplished and they have nothing else better to do than either carrying on with their mundane daily life until they die or focus on all the wrong things and exert their bitterness on people around them. In a few words, Tory Burch is for simple minded people.

Designer Tory Burch in granny pyjamas at the end of the runway show.

10) Badgley Mischka Spring Summer 2014
The Badgley Mischka Spring Summer 2014 runway show was filled with dated fashion dresses dating back to the 1800s a la Keira Knightley in the movie "A Dangerous Mind" where she played an intelligent mental patient. The silk cocoon shaped hat looks mental and the dress reminded me of a lace curtain from a prairie style home.

11) Vera Wang Spring Summer 2014
The Vera Wang Spring Summer 2014 runway show items were mostly generic and yawn-worthy except for the strange swimming caps on the head of models especially those who modelled dresses with scuba-diving wet-suit necklines.

12) Diesel Black Gold Spring Summer 2014
The Diesel Black Gold Spring Summer 2013 runway collection was filled with generic pieces that looked cheap. For the price paid on Diesel Black Gold items, one would be better off purchasing from high street fashion labels like Stradivarius or Zara. Dutch model with German origins Marique Schimmel, who is known for a strong facial features which can be a tad bit masculine for a girl wasn't a great fit for the teenage girl outfit as shown above.

Mirror panelled leggings from Diesel Black Gold's Spring Summer Collection looked like it came straight out from Zara's TRF range.

Kudos to Norwegian fashion designer or Diesel Black Gold Andreas Melbostad for trying with layering. However, those washed out Northern Lights colours inspired by his hometown clearly did little to work wonders for his Spring Summer 2014 collection.

13) Naeem Khan Spring Summer 2014
Naeem Khan's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection showcased models in elegant evening dresses with a crown of thick braided hair which made them look like princesses.

This beautiful sheer white beaded embroidery wedding dress from Naeem Khan looks pure, innocent and delicate. We can't wait for Naeem Khan's full wedding dress range to launch. 

Could it rival Zuhair Murads'?


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