New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 Runway Review - Day 2 & 3

September 6, 7, 2013 New York Fashion Week Day 2 & 3

1) Rebecca Minkoff Spring Summer 2014

Lindsey Wixon opened the Rebecca Minkoff Spring Summer 2014 show at New York Fashion Week wearing a sports inspired mesh top with bold stripes and a rose print mini skirt with a peasant girl hairdo and National Football League inspired tall cut-out, lace-up boots.

More tribal inspired designs can be seen on an over-sized frayed hem jacket with sporty yellow contasting stripes. Rebecca Minkoff's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection was a mish-mash of masculine sports-inspired outfits and footwear mixed with contrasting tribal and girly floral prints. Such a combination is reflective of a modern fashionista where just about anything goes once a right balance is struck.

We absolutely adore the details of this floral lace applique shorts and sexy gladiator meets sport sandal boots.

2) Nicole Miller Spring Summer 2014

Bozo the clown made a special guest appearance at the Nicole Miller Spring Summer 2014 runway show in the form of bad green hair and clashing prints on an outfit that do not work together. The combination of black and white striped pants that should only be worn on Beetlejuice, doctor's white jacket and "auntie" floral blouse suggests an image of a spilt personality psycho on the loose.

3) Zimmermann Spring Summer 2014

Undoubtedly German roots spell disaster for Sydney based fashion designers Nicky and Simone Zimmermann of their fashion label Zimmermann as they debut their first runway collection at New York Fashion week. 

Formerly bikini designers, the Zimmermann duo introduced fluffy spills, frills, and too much of everything lumped into one outfit just like a good cake recipe gone wrong after the chef decided to dump everything else inside just to see if it made things work.

Like one bad recipe after another, the fashion flops continued on the Zimmermann Spring Summer 2014 runway as models paraded down the catwalk in overturned silver foil cupcake holders, a confused and rather awkward looking silver polka-dot maxi dress and granny inspiring over-sized fluffy tops that devoured your entire figure completely regardless of whether you have one or not.

The Zimmermann sisters must have been inspired by floating jellyfishes of Sydney's famous beaches as this wonderful, messy, see-through top devours the victim - in this case fashion victim or whoever unlucky enough to wear such an outfit. The brown floral print silk capri pants remind me of my late Chinese grandmother. These were her favourite sort of outfits that she would wear out to feed the chickens and ducks in the village. Those were the good old days.

As for the ballerina flats with fat beige ribbons, I really can't comment further.

4) Lacoste Spring Summer 2014

Lacoste, the little green croc label has grown up and we love the new direction they are taking to reinvent their brand. Instead of focusing on more shades of colour for stuffy old plain polo T-shirts, they showcased suits and jackets in different textures, material and prints.

The Lacoste Spring Summer 2014 runway show at New York Fashion week featured mint green suits, sheer polo T-shirts, trench coat style long parka jackets that kept to the sporty appeal of the brand with a twist.

Lacoste appointed fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista back in 2010 who owns his own label and has worked for established designer brands such as Max Mara, Christophe Lemaire and Cerruti.

Lacoste's take on beautiful tonal blues and smart casual menswear perfect for Fridays at the office.

A Burberry style men's trench coat for rainy days serve both function and fashion purposes.

This stunning see-through, cut-out suit from Lacoste is a perfect melee of masculine and feminine silhouette combined in one outfit - a definite Spring Summer 2014 high on our wishlist.

5) Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2014

Lindsey Wixon opens yet another show with her new hairdo that looks like a big mess on the Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2014 runway show. The underwear-as-pants trend looks like it would be here to stay for another season.

Jill Stuart brings back sexy in her Spring Summer 2014 catwalk collection with sexy sheer panels at just the right places on leather mini dresses.

6) Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring Summer 2014

Max Azria revisits a hot favourite style in his Herve Leger Spring Summer 2014 runway collection - symmetrical geometric shape prints on his signature sexy figure-hugging dresses.

Models wore a glamourous sluck-back hair look and sexy all-over zipper bandage dresses. 

The fashion flops on the Herve Leger runway were bandage dresses with huge, heavy, wavy hems that stuck out more like a sore thumb or tentacles in this case. It looked as if Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid had came alive on this white bandage dress.

Skin-tight leather and tattoo print top cuts a strong shape in a heavily zippered Herve Leger outfit that only strong and confident women with a spirit of a warrior can carry off.

7) Monique Lhuillier Spring Summer 2014

When designer Monique Lhuillier who's famous for her bridal-wear and red-carpet outfits tried to dabble in every-day womenswear, it led to a disastrous outcome.

The Monique Lhuillier Spring Summer 2014 runway show at New York Fashion Week featured outfits in clashing colours so bad that it would cause epileptic seizures in school children and some adults. Bad neon orange and pink should never be seen together, no matter how tanned you are.

To make things worse, Monique Lhuillier was quoted by Vogue magazine on her Spring Summer 2014 collection - "Women have busy lives. Their clothes need to be real BORING."

Granny lace outfits which consisted of over-the-knee lace skirts and bland square tops with pearl collars ruled the Monique Lhuillier runway.

Sadly, even 92 year-olds like interior designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel would not wear her designs.


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