Parody T-shirts, Homies, Feline & Burrrr So Icey Beanie

Parody T-shirts on famous designer labels featuring fake brand names and logos are currently the rage cos' what's mainstream is no longer considered cool in the fashion world. Los Angeles based designer Brian Lichtenberg recently caught controversy with his prescription drug range of T-shirts with pills such as Aderall popular celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan are on, Vicodin and more.

The "Homies, South Central" T-shirt and sweatshirts have been spotted on countless celebrities namely Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne.

"Homies, South Central" is a fake fashion label meme of Hermes, Paris.

Brian Lichtenberg's graffiti and alternative style T-shirts appeal to sporty and rapper-style loving street-wear lovers.

A parody sweatshirt of the French label Celine, Paris.

Celebrities in "Homies" & more parody tops

Miley Cyrus in a black Homies, South Central sweatshirt

Rihanna in an over-sized Homies, South Central sweatshirt worn as a dress.

Former spokesperson, face of Burberry Spring Summer/ Fall Winter advertising campaigns, quirky face distortionist and mega beanie lover Cara Delevingne is seen here in a Burberry parody Burrrr, So Icey beanie.


  1. That Homies sweat is so cool! Loving reading through your blog, it's so chic - followed on Instagram and Facebook :)) Mine's pasted below if you're interested!

    Amelia xx

    1. Hi Amelia, thank you for your nice comments. I'm flattered. I've liked your facebook page and followed you on instagram too. Your instagram pics are pretty neat! ;)


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