Sunday Street Style: Dark Humour Fashion

Meet our lovely visitor from Korea whom we spotted shopping at Club 21 stores in Singapore. This Korean fashionista is a mother of one yet she knows how to retain her own style even after becoming a mom.

She wore head to toe black besides her statement T-shirt with an artistic intepretation of popular disney character mickey mouse. The graphic image of mickey mouse's face being torn apart to reveal a scary human face with the same fake smile and expression mickey mouse has was a little dark humour and added a dramatic undertone to her almost all-black dressing.

Her black Boston sneakers are from Isabel Marant and her chic studded Rocco satchel bag from Alexander Wang. She smartly mixes upcoming designer brands with renowned designer labels in a way which allows her unique personality to shine through.

Smiling sweetly as she poses in sleek black leggings and well manicured hands with gray nail polish.

The interview process with our Korean fashionista.


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