Sunday Street Style: Entrepreneur Fashion

Ok, so we're playing cheat here with this entrepreneur whose idea looks as good as his fashion sense only because he happens to be a part-time model as well.

We could not take our eyes off this hottie as we oggled his striking blue cardigan which he wore daringly on its own showing off his well-buffed chest. We salute Sven Christopher Wagner's unwavering commitment to look good and fashionable despite the freezing cold air-conditioning in the mall. 

Find out more about Sven's fascinating project - People of Tomorrow which lists a directory of future movers and shakers of tomorrow (including Unlikely You). The website encapsulates start-up founders from all walks of life, their ideas, visions, interests, setbacks and conclusions in life as they make their way to their end goal.

We love this half-Peruvian and half-German exotic European fashionista who has a very important lesson to impart to our Singaporean male fashion fans - casual dressing does not include flip-flops if you want to look smart and presentable.


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