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Effects of Dengue Fever - Hair Loss, Weight Loss & more

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Four months ago, I contracted dengue fever in Singapoore. Four months later, I am still suffering from the symptoms of dengue. As a woman who enjoys what life brings to me regardless of pain or joy and a lover of fashion, an integral part of me which I use to express myself with (that's why I founded Fashion by Unlikely You), I am shocked by the lack of information provided by the government authorities on this ballooning dengue fever epidemic in Singapore.

For loyal readers who have followed this site closely, I have written about my first contact with dengue and my harrowing experiences here:

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I would like to share my personal experience on contracting and managing the long-term detrimental effects of dengue.

Since there is a lack of information about dengue fever and how to cope with it, I have attempted to gather more information online on websites and countless forums to get a feel of how others suffering from dengue fever are coping with the viral disease and its effects, I read about many sad stories of healthy men who became infertile and countless people who had to cope with extreme hair loss in patches or alopecia. 

I have been experiencing extreme hair loss for close to two months now and initially I was frightened and did not know what to do. I had no idea that my extreme hair fall was a result of dengue and thought that I had some hormonal imbalance issue or autoimmune deficiency disease going on. 

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What was I to do when faced with sudden extreme hair loss?

After "recovering" from dengue fever, my red and white blood cell counts were still below normal although I was discharged and deemed "fit enough" to do without follow-up consultations with my doctor.

After two weeks of continuous hair-loss in ridiculous bunches, I visited the nearest GP who suggested I might have hormonal imbalance problems and recommended I take several blood tests.

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It was hard to come to terms with the cold hard fact that my extreme hair loss was unstoppable

At this point of time, I felt like a lab rat having needles stuck in the vein on my arm every now and then. Before dengue, the only recollection of a needle in my arm was when I was 12 and had to be vaccinated against chicken pox.

Confused and frustrated, I decided to give it some thought before proceeding with a cocktail of blood tests that were expensive and perhaps totally unnecessary.

About a week later after some tearful and sleepless nights after wondering what my co-workers, clients and people around me would think of me with a huge bald patch and excessively thin hair, I decided to seek a second opinion from another doctor.

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My extreme hair loss just after two showers. I tried everything and trust me, nothing worked to prevent this hair loss which was my body's natural response to trauma - my dengue fever ordeal

It didn't help that I'm in a line of work that's people-facing most of the time. At that point of time for the first time in life, I started to develop cold sores. The doctor took my blood and the report did not look good at all. My immune system was completely destroyed resulting in cold sores, alopecia and other complications linked to my immune system deficiency. After dengue which ruined my health and wreaked havoc in my body and mind, physically I would not be able to return to my normal health again.

"I lost 10 kilograms since acquiring dengue fever and since then my diet has changed to a stringent mix of immune-system boosting foods in hope that my body would be able to return to a normal, healthy functioning level."

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Me looking significantly emaciated compared to the "big-boned" me in the past 

Due to frequent fogging and changes in the environment such as massive amounts of ongoing construction and urbanization of Singapore, the dengue virus strain has mutated, becoming more dangerous and resistant to drugs.

Here is my compilation of the latest research in Asia on the new complications of dengue fever that attacks the most vital organ in our body - the brain.

I have attempted to explain the medical terms in my own words or with the help of Wikipedia. The article is long but it will benefit you and your family or loved ones once you understand how dangerous this virus is and what you can do to alleviate the situation in case of infection.


Dengue is an acute human immunodeficiency viral disease (similar to HIV/AIDS) transmitted by the Aedes mosquitoes. It is highly endemic in many tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Neurological complications of dengue infection have increased recently. In this study, we report various neurological complications observed during the last 2 years in 26 dengue fever patients.

Patients with neurological complications with positive serology (1) IgM Antibody (2) for dengue infection were consecutively recruited from the Department of Neurology/Medicine from a tertiary center of Lucknow, India. 

Serology (1) means the diagnostic identification of antibodies in blood plasma or bodily fluids. Antibodies are formed in response to an infection against a microorganism, bacteria, other foreign proteins or in this instance an autoimmune disease.

IgM antibody (2) stands for Immunoglobulin M or IgM. IgM is a basic antibody that is produced by B cells and is by far the largest antibody in the human circulatory system. It is the first antibody to appear in response to initial exposure to antigen, in this case the dengue virus.

These patients were subjected to a detailed clinical evaluation, laboratory assessment including blood count, hematocrit, coagulation parameters, biochemical assays, serology for dengue fever, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for human immunodeficiency virus and other relevant investigations.

Study subjects

  • Patients inflicted with neurological complications from dengue fever
  • 18 out of 26 patients were male. 
  • The age of patients ranged from 11 to 60 years (mean age, 29.08 years)
  • General characteristics of dengue infection
  • Two patients were suffering from dengue shock syndrome
  • Two patients from dengue hemorrhagic fever
  • Remaining patients had dengue fever

10 out of 26 patients or 38% were suffering from brachial neuritis.

Brachial neuritis occurs when the nerves that control your shoulder, arm, and hand become inflamed. These nerves run from your spinal cord along your neck and shoulder into your arm. Brachial neuritis can cause severe pain in your shoulder and when it subsides, your shoulder may be weak, limiting your movement.

4 patients or 15% had encephalopathy which is irreversible or reversible brain injury. 

3 patients or 11% were diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome, a serious disorder that occurs when the body's defense (immune) system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. This leads to nerve inflammation that causes muscle weakness.

Another 3 patients or 11% had hypokalemic paralysis (muscle weaknesses) associated with dengue fever and two patients had acute viral myositis. Myositis is an inflammation or swelling of the muscles, often caused by injury, infection, or an autoimmune disorder. 

A rare neurological disorder of unknown causes which appears to be the result of an autoimmune process involving the nervous system or Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome was diagnosed in 2 patients or 7%. Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome is an extremely rare condition, affecting as few as 1 in 10,000,000 people per year.

Petechial rash was seen in four patients or 15%. Thrombocytopenia or low blood platelet count was noted in five patients. Platelets help blood to clot. Low blood platelet count leads to abnormal bleeding which is potentially fatal.

Hepatosplenomegaly (3) was found in two patients and renal failure manifested with high blood urea and serum creatinine in two patients.

Hepatosplenomegaly (3) or HSM is the simultaneous enlargement of both the liver and the spleen. HSM can occur as the result of acute viral hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, and histoplasmosis or it can be the sign of a serious and life threatening lysosomal storage disease. Systemic venous hypertension can also increase the risk for developing hepatosplenomegaly, which may be seen in those patients with right-sided heart failure.

One patient suffered from acute myelitis (4). He manifested with a 3-day history of acute muscle weakness with involuntary bladder and bowel involvement. 

Myelitis (4) is the infection or the inflammation of the spinal cord - part of the central nervous system that acts as a bridge between a brain and the rest of a body.

2 out of 3 patients had significant respiratory problems and required prolonged ventilator support. Studies also revealed acute paralysis in two patients.


In recent years, the virological characteristics of dengue viruses have been changing, resulting in widespread neurological complications concerned with neurotropism leading to encephalitis (irritation and swelling of the brain), meningitis (a bacterial infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord), stroke and, Guillain Barre syndrome and inflammation of the optic nerve which may cause sudden, reduced vision in the affected eye.

Dengue fever is a disease of significant public health problem throughout the world. In this study, we have discovered two new neurological complications of dengue fever: Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome (rare neurological disorder) and brachial neuritis (inflamed nerves leading to paralysis), which, to the best of our knowledge, have not been mentioned before in any written piece of literature.

Effects of Dengue

The mortality rate of dengue for children below the age of 10 lies between the range of 6% to 30%. Infants are more prone to death from dengue fever.

Patients who are recovering from dengue fever are complaining about extreme hair loss due to a condition called Telogen effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a form of non-scarring alopecia characterized by diffuse hair shedding, often with an acute onset. A chronic form with a more insidious onset and a longer duration also exists. Telogen effluvium is a reactive process caused by a metabolic or hormonal stress or by medications. Generally, recovery is spontaneous and occurs within 6 months. (Source:

Depending on which of the four strains of dengue virus one has caught and how your body reacts to it, here are the effects of dengue fever I am experiencing.

- compromised immune system

- cold sores due to compromised immune system

- abnormal white/ red blood cell count

- low lymphocytes count (the body becomes susceptible to infections like tumours and cancer. Low lymphocytes count can also lead to the damage of various body organs.)

- increased fatigue and muscle weakness

- liver problem

- acute hair loss or telogen effluvium

- significant weight loss

- if you have pre-existing conditions you can be sure dengue will only make   things worse

Sometimes, people close to me tell me that I'm lucky to be alive. I must say my healthy eating habits have helped a bit. 

21 year-old-boy Ang Yong Han and a 35-year-old woman have sadly been diagnosed with Dengue Shock Syndrome and passed away this year. To date, there have been several reported cases of dengue deaths as the number of reported infected this year have risen to 18,525 as of today.

Here is my advice to all my dear readers 

1) Remember to be vigilant about stagnating puddles of water in and outside of your home. (Dish-washing area, flower pots, basins, toilet bowls) Dengue mosquitoes are active early in the morning and later in the evening at around 7pm.

2) Lead a healthy lifestyle and be mindful of what you eat just like I do. Investing in nutritious, organic and non-GMO foods will go a long way to protect and prevent you from debilitating of life-threatening diseases such as dengue.

3) One of my favourites is a DIY mosquito repellent using lavender and vinegar here or you can purchase natural mosquito repellent made of garlic oil, pine oil and camphor which I use at home too. (Enquire for one at a pharmacy near you).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Karlie Kloss & Liu Wen Off-Duty Fashion

Supermodel Karlie Kloss was seen on the streets of New York City shooting a commercial for handbag and accessories brand Coach earlier this week. She's seen here with a cup of coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and wearing her own clothes.

Here's why we we love fashionable supermodel Liu Wen and Karlie Kloss's "model off-duty" style so much:
Liu Wen has a more sophisticated yet fun style when it comes to fashion as this smart model absorbs all the runway trends and figures out which style suits her most.

Liu is wearing a boyfriend shirt as a dress with contrast silk collars and a bi-coloured NFL style leather bomber jacket. She completes her casual tomboyish ensemble with sophisticated nude tone mules.

Karlie Kloss has a more simple way of dressing and prefers basics like a sheer grey V-neck pullover which creates a slimmer neckline for her. The leggy beauty chooses a pair of straight leg black sporty pants and pairs it with fail-proof black ballerina flats. Some may say, "Hey that's really simple and boring" but Karlie's personality shines through it all.

Our verdict: Liu Wen wins this time.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Fail: Rita Ora's Denim Patchwork Pants

Rita Ora is a style icon. However... with the "help" of bad stylists, even a stylish A-list celebrity can go wrong in her fashion style if she takes the bad stylist's advice without a pinch of salt. Ever heard of the saying the blind leading the blind?

What we like: Rita wears a cute princess sleeve blue striped sequin cropped top and accessorizes with huge safety-pin earrings and a dog-chain choker looking all 90s glam-rock and cool.

What we Don't like: However her extra baggy denim patchwork pants that was obviously a size too large for Rita who had to hold it up from time to time was a fashion trend died out tragically in the 90s or ever since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore a matching head-to-toe denim combo to the 2011 American Music Awards (AMA). We we still think what Britney wore was appropriate for 2011 but not 2013.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Menswear Fall Essentials: Paul Smith Sweaters in Multi Colours

This Fall's biggest menswear trend is knitwear and that doesn't mean stuffy grandpa sweaters of embarassing Christmas jumpers.

Paul Smith's Fall Winter 2013 Menswear RTW runway collection features the quintessentially British houndstooth print on lovely lightweight knit sweaters in all colours of the rainbow.

To keep sweaters cool, accessorize with a smart pair of boots.

Accessorize a colourful knit sweater with a pop of yellow in mustard and you can't go wrong as the warm earthy tone compliments the loud and fun pink and blue colours just like how opposites attract in real life. *wink wink*

Try bold graphic print sweaters gilded with gold foil print for that avant garde, arty look.

Our favourite fall winter knitwear would have to be this Paul Smith sweater in chunky cable knit with dyed multi-colour panels just like a rainbow. 

Dear readers, do remember Fall Winter dressing doesn't have to be dull colours all the time!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday Street Style: American Kids' Fashion Edition

Meet 2-year-old Noah Kim (left) and Leah Kim (right) in today's Sunday Street Style - Kids-wear edition. This lucky pair of Eurasian children from America are not only born with an exotic mix of Korean and German-Italian blood making them instantly unique to begin with, but they have stylish parents to make them look cool and fashionable too.

Dressing up smart and tastefully starts from young and proud mommy Sarah Jean Kim knows just how to dress her children in smart-looking, quality, comfy casual apparel that puts most sloppily-dressed adults to shame.

Sarah is one fashion forward thinking mom. Little girls need not wear pink dresses with tutu and little boys need not wear dinosaurs or talking cars on their shirt all the time. Although children should have their fair share of having fun with ridiculously cute and cartoon character ridden apparel, one should not restrict their children to a singular variety of clothing.

Fashion is colour blind. Training your children to wear pink and pastel, girly colours all the time would be equivalent to taking all the fun out of fashion and perhaps their outlook on life too. Learning how to experiment with different colours, designs and outfits for children are important to imbuing creativity and options to these little adults in the making.

Noah's who's looking quite like a little Man is wearing a check shirt and blue jeans from Baby Gap. His all-weather workman boots are from SmartFit.

Little Leah is wearing an adorable black and white short checkerboard dress with cute contrasting red buttons on the front. Both her dress and spandex pants are from Carters. Her black boots are from Cherokee.

We hope today's post will inspire both parents and adults to continue exploring fashion and its limitless possibilities. Have fun readers!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sephora Beauty It Stinks ~ The Reprise of Unprofessional Staff

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Two weeks ago, I received a peculiar e-mail from a beauty and cosmetics company I would least expect to hear or purchase from anymore - Sephora.

Instead of a public relations or marketing personnel, a project manager contacted me to apologise for the Racism, blatant staff misbehaviour, mis-management at Sephora/ Make Up For Ever Singapore incident at Sephora which happened 9 weeks ago, since the day I was attacked by two racist and cocky make-up artists.

I agreed to meet up with the Sephora rep at their office. When I reached the office 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, I approached the reception to ask for the project manager. It looked as if she knew that I was coming and when the receptionist uttered the only two words from her mouth "She's here", I knew that the entire company would have probably heard about my story and gossiped about it.

As I waited at the reception area, the cleaner lady leaned over to the reception desk to talk to her and turned her head to look at me several times as if it was not obvious or awkward enough.

When the cleaner lady was about to leave for the day, she opened the glass door and turned to look at me one last time at the door as if she wanted to register my face in her memory. Was I a rock star?

A few minutes later, the French project manager arrived. She was young and a little nervous. She took me into one of the meeting rooms which was brightly lit with sparse furniture and zero decorations. It looked like a harsh interrogation room.

She asked me if everything was all right and told me that the Sephora management team in Singapore had only discovered the blog post 2 weeks ago which was 7 weeks after my incident occurred and 7 weeks after I spoke to the Sephora Singapore floor managers.

It's surprising how badly managed Sephora Singapore and Sephora's global facebook pages are as an automated reply was given every time I sent my feedback as a message to the page administrators. It was almost too obvious to see that Sephora had not only outsourced their facebook page management but they had also outsourced it to a cheap and incompetent social media marketing company. 

Worse still, there's supposed to be a marketing division in Sephora and it looks like they are all sleeping on the job or clueless about digital marketing or just spending too much time on flashy advertising campaigns and posters from the bygone era.

I told the French project manager that I was surprised how broken the communication between the Sephora sales floor managers and Sephora management were and worse still the Sephora sales floor managers had lied to our faces about communicating the racism, blatant staff misbehaviour and mis-management at Sephora/ Make Up For Ever complaint to their management.

The French project manager then tried to make up for my bad experience by presenting me with a complimentary make-up session at Sephora whom I know are not make-up professionals unlike their vendors Make Up For Ever or Urban Decay.

She also offered me a $100 SGD Sephora voucher which is totally insufficient considering the hefty price tags of the average high-end luxury cosmetics and skincare products they carry (E.g. Dior Beauty, Lancome, Ole Henrikson).

She told me before I left that it would be good if I could write a blog article about this meeting.

I wasn't happy about the totally lacking compensation which was nothing when compared to what I had gone through plus their blatant mismanagement and poor handling of the situation. To top things off, trying to buy me over was a wrong move only an inexperienced personnel would commit.

To me, Sephora is a company full of flaws just like an un-funny french comedy movie. Something I will never go to see again.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Street Style: Rugged & Clean Cut Menswear Fashion

Meet Deeno in today's long awaited Sunday Street Style fashion feature. Deano caught our attention with his mostly white, neutral colour tones ensemble, tough chic men's style.

Deano perfectly balanced his rock & roll look of converse sneakers, ripped and bleached denim jeans, graphic skull mirrored print T-shirt with a sleek grey blazer and well groomed hair.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Star Style: Cara Delevingne in Rihanna for River Island

Today's Saturday Star Style fashion inspiration is supermodel Cara Delevingne. Cara is dressed head to toe in Rihanna's G4Life clothing range for River Island.

This world-famous British supermodel is seldom seen without her signature beanie and boots - in this case a whopping 5.5inch black leather ankle boots from Burberry.

Cara rocks the military and sportswear tomboy trend in a camouflage print bomber jacket and bright yellow NFL football shirt.

She balances the tomboyish look perfectly with sexy ripped suspender tights.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adventures of A Flower Hair Garland in Fairyland

#FlashbackFriday: What I wore out on a bright sunny weekend was my favourite sweet and girly bohemian style with a touch of ruggedness - shiny silver ankle boots by Zadig & Volataire and a thick chain handle gunmetal python shoulder bag by Pauric Sweeney.

The flower garland head accessory is from H&M which I bought for $12.99 Singapore dollars. The red faux fur vest is from Tally Weijl, France and top worn as a short dress from Monsoon, UK. I must admit I enjoy recycling my favourite pieces of apparel and accessories and wearing them in vastly different styles.

This picture was shot at Raffles Hotel Singapore. The surroundings of this five-star hotel are filled with lush tropical greenery. Pity the corridor outside the guestrooms and the hotel room doors look pretty old and rundown.

Ladies, don't forget to wear a pair of shorts underneath if you're wearing a top as a dress which I do most of the time.

Fashion Tip: Choose cropped vests to wear with longer tops or dresses to create an illusion of longer legs.

As always, personal grooming and make-up is key to completing any fashion look or outfit of the day you're wearing. I'm wearing Urban Decay eye-shadow in purple and blue mix on my upper eyelid, gold and blue on my lower eyelid with gold as a highlighter, Lancome's Hypnose mascara and most importantly Lancome's mascara base coat to create thicker, fuller and longer eyelashes. P.S. I have naturally short eyelashes.

Share your favourite weekend outfit with us and you may just stand a chance to be featured on Unlikely You!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 Runway Show - Part II of II

1) Tsumori Chisato Spring Summer 2014

Tsumori Chisato's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection was filled with strange Asian characters - Vietnamese rice padi field farmers and Chinese opera actresses. Caucasian models were made to look like they had smaller eyes than usual with bad orange make-up.

Needless to say, the clothing were ridiculous like the tangled seaweed in a fishing net dress by Tsumori Chisato.

Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato who's well known for designing bad clothing that made normal people wearing them look like clowns.

2) Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2014
Vivienne Westwood joins the rest of ageing fashion designers who grow increasingly apart from the real world and what fashion really is about.

Fashion definitely isn't about looking like a freckly clown in a strange Qing dynasty Empress Dowager headress + your mom's lace curtain which you accidentally dyed green while washing whites with colours, not to mention a bad tartan print Doc Martens boot design.

Thrift-store tastic at the Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2014 runway show.

3) Comme des Garçons Spring Summer 2014
As the dengue fever outbreak envelopes Singapore and creeps slowly to the rest of the world, Comme des Garcons decided to build a massive dress that resembled a seven-foot food tent or effective mosquito net in a basket shape. Shame it would be perfect for preventing dengue and malaria outbreaks if only it was long enough to cover the feet.

The haze which hit Singapore at an all-time record high in June and smog pollution in China every other day inspired Comme des Garcons to design a wearable gas mask and matching gas mask shoes that would work perfectly with any hazmat suit of your choice.

Love the Comme des Garcons painted on cute animal design sneakers. Not so sure about the massive pink floral print teddy bear stuck to the chest of what looks like an abominable tumour outfit.

4) Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2014
Jean Paul Gaultier got fascinated with candy while designing his Spring Summer 2014 runway collection. Even prints of actual hundreds and thousands sprinkles and hard colourful rock candy could not save his destitute collection.

Korean model Soo Joo Park wears Jean Paul Gaultier's dull colour design for Spring Summer.

5) Kenzo Spring Summer 2014
What does a fashion designer do when they run out of ideas and produce yet another all-white ensemble? Answer: They start adding grey patches and think it looks cool. Kenzo's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection was unfortunately anything but cool.

Kenzo runway models wore bad fishing hats that Japanese tourists love to wear.

The Japanese love their fish and so does Kenzo.

6) Celine Spring Summer 2014
Celine's designer Phoebe Philo like many other Western designers look to the East for inspiration as things look more and more dire in the West.

Naturally, westerners tend to interpret Asia in a vastly different light than the native residents themselves. This strange South Korean flag plastered on a white Tee fraying everywhere with a patched on pocket looks like a beggar's outfit. South Korea is doing really fine, thank you Phoebe Philo.

It's not just the eyebrows on this Celine runway model that looks puzzling. Perhaps the windy red train tracks print on the lantern pleated skirt describes this whole train-wreck of an outfit.

Notice how the massive hair weave on the arm of this Celine model becomes a real hair replacement for one of the more unfortunate member of audience at the Celine Spring Summer 2014 runway show.

7) Maxime Simoëns Spring Summer 2014
Next Spring Summer, make it all silver, shiny and full of hope like this reflective belted fringe silver dress from Maxime Simoens.

We love handy zippers for pockets, closures and just for pure aesthetic design and no other reason just like at the bottom of this Maxime Simoen silver tuxedo jacket.

8) Chloe Spring Summer 2014
Chloe is synonymous with understated laid-back luxury. A simple green quilted parka, silk blouse and bermudas paired with leather cross strap platform shoes make a perfect casual yet cool outfit.

We love this Sahara belle look from Chloe's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection.

A simple sweater and shorts can look good if they are of the right material and cut just like this grey over-sized Chloe sweater and white shorts with gold flake embroidery on supermodel Bette Franke.

Work-wear and comfy clogs that go together from Chloe's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection.

Chloe's designer Claire Waight Keller representing the label.

9) Givenchy Spring Summer 2014
Halloween comes early for Givenchy as models strut down the Givenchy Spring Summer 2014 runway in crystal studded face masks that look more creepy than cool.

A fetish bondage inspired silk jersey dress from Givenchy's Spring Summer 2014 runway show.

10) Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014
Stella McCartney should start a clothing range for pregnant women. Stella's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection was filled with parachutes, pyjama pants and clothing that any body can disappear into.

Stella McCartney cat eye sunglasses that resemble binoculars.

It's troubling to see how so many designers use cottage lace curtains to make their "high-end" luxury apparel.

11) Sacai Spring Summer 2014
As shapeless as it's pointless is this over-sized orange shirt dress from Sacai's Spring Summer 2014 runway collection.

Layering gone wrong: the pink skirt looks more like an apron worn over a skirt.

Blue and white stripes and an apron screams more Denny's diner than high fashion.

Sacai's Japanese designer Chitose Abe in exciting head to toe black.

12) Emanuel Ungaro Spring Summer 2014
Emanuel Ungaro's Spring Summer 2014 runway clothes looked like those I pulled out from the very depths of my mother's clothes cupboard - things she never wore from the 70s and should have been burnt if not for the sentimental value. 

Unlikely You strongly recommends its fans to avoid polka dot yellow and white clown combinations such as the above from Emanuel Ungaro.

Supermodel Snejana Onopka makes a comeback at the Emanuel Ungaro Spring Summer 2014 runway show in high-waist leather shorts that take away half her height.

CAUTION!!: Do NOT wear clothes that make even runway supermodels look fat.

Jamie Bochert looks like a giant footless sea slug moving along the bottom of the sea bed with its wavy muscles straight out of National Geographic.

13) Giambattista Valli Spring Summer 2014
Giambattista Valli tried to play with shapes and volumes for the Spring Summer 2014 runway collection. However, he chose the wrong undergarment - granny high waist panties when runway models don't need the extra cover-up help.

This Giambattista Valli dirty grey coat looks like it fell out from a trash collector's bin complete with scraggly bits of trash and last night's popcorn.

14) Valentino Spring Summer 2014
Valentino's Spring Summer 2014 runway show was filled with bad hair that transformed even supermodel Cara Delevingne into a granny. The long dresses had cheap and tacky looking prints and it looked as if Valentino was trying to copy Dolce & Gabbana's Fall Winter 2013 royal look runway collection.

It's my 80th birthday milestone. - Cara Delevingne looks substantially aged in bad hair and an over-powdered face.

15) Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2014
Saint Laurent's Spring Summer 2014 collection sticks to the rock & roll theme for yet another season. It's starting to get a little tiresome; just like Apple's smartphones, their innovation is completely lacking.

16) Chanel Spring Summer 2014
We often marvel at how Chanel never fails to make top models look the worst they could possibly be with badly styled wigs - this one looking like you just got up from the bed with a German helmet although we all know designer Karl Lagerfeld is German.

Chanel's exceptionally bad tweed jacket and skirt.

Chanel made Lindsey Wixon look like she's wearing a colourful plastic bag in the wind.

Chanel's gaudy pink tweed long dress. Sometimes we wonder if Chanel does deliberately bad hair and make-up to distract people from the bad or bland looking apparel.

Chanel tries for the handmade look with bright blue big stitching all-over a shift dress which look like what 12 year olds do for their Home Economics class.

Chanel trying to stay cool with the kids with a spray painted backpack and i-Phone chain pouch from the Chanel Spring Summer 2014 collection.

17) Valentin Yudashkin Spring Summer 2014
Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin is a truly creative soul as he sends models down the runway in dresses one can only dream of.

Royalty is gold.

18) Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Spring Summer 2014

19) Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2014
Tomboy cool is always in. Lindsey Wixon in a "Paul" initial Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2014 runway sweatshirt.

20) Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2014
Alexander McQueen's disappointing, lacklustre, in-between creative and bizarre Spring Summer 2014 runway collection.

This Alexander McQueen red dress looks like it's made out of floor rugs and the Roman soldier helmet is just out of place with the apparel.

21) Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014
Fashion is meant to be fun and full of surprises. Sometimes even the most hardcore fashion lover would put on something impractical in the name of fashion.

However the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 runway collection was filled with not only impractical but shameful and distasteful "clothes" that made models look like pieces of meat on sale. It seems Louis Vuitton is keeping up the prostitute theme since the release of their controversial Fall Winter 2013 advertising campaign. 

Hanne Gaby Odiele looks uncomfortable as she wears a ridiculous and impractical design which barely covers her nether regions.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 runway show was a flesh parade and maybe a cover-up for a European black market sex auction where young girls (in this case models) are kidnapped and drugged or forced against their will to become rich people's commodity.

22) Miu Miu Spring Summer 2014
Miu Miu's Spring Summer 2014 collection was filled with innocent school girl outfits in not so innocent patent leather mini-skirts, shorts and a beautiful clear round neck choker.

Miu Miu sequin green tall boots inject fun into Spring Summer 2014.

23) Vionett Spring Summer 2014

24) Zadig & Volataire Spring Summer 2014

25) Hermès Spring Summer 2014