Celebrity Fashion Fail: Rita Ora's Denim Patchwork Pants

Rita Ora is a style icon. However... with the "help" of bad stylists, even a stylish A-list celebrity can go wrong in her fashion style if she takes the bad stylist's advice without a pinch of salt. Ever heard of the saying the blind leading the blind?

What we like: Rita wears a cute princess sleeve blue striped sequin cropped top and accessorizes with huge safety-pin earrings and a dog-chain choker looking all 90s glam-rock and cool.

What we Don't like: However her extra baggy denim patchwork pants that was obviously a size too large for Rita who had to hold it up from time to time was a fashion trend died out tragically in the 90s or ever since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore a matching head-to-toe denim combo to the 2011 American Music Awards (AMA). We we still think what Britney wore was appropriate for 2011 but not 2013.


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