Sephora Beauty It Stinks ~ The Reprise of Unprofessional Staff

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Two weeks ago, I received a peculiar e-mail from a beauty and cosmetics company I would least expect to hear or purchase from anymore - Sephora.

Instead of a public relations or marketing personnel, a project manager contacted me to apologise for the Racism, blatant staff misbehaviour, mis-management at Sephora/ Make Up For Ever Singapore incident at Sephora which happened 9 weeks ago, since the day I was attacked by two racist and cocky make-up artists.

I agreed to meet up with the Sephora rep at their office. When I reached the office 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, I approached the reception to ask for the project manager. It looked as if she knew that I was coming and when the receptionist uttered the only two words from her mouth "She's here", I knew that the entire company would have probably heard about my story and gossiped about it.

As I waited at the reception area, the cleaner lady leaned over to the reception desk to talk to her and turned her head to look at me several times as if it was not obvious or awkward enough.

When the cleaner lady was about to leave for the day, she opened the glass door and turned to look at me one last time at the door as if she wanted to register my face in her memory. Was I a rock star?

A few minutes later, the French project manager arrived. She was young and a little nervous. She took me into one of the meeting rooms which was brightly lit with sparse furniture and zero decorations. It looked like a harsh interrogation room.

She asked me if everything was all right and told me that the Sephora management team in Singapore had only discovered the blog post 2 weeks ago which was 7 weeks after my incident occurred and 7 weeks after I spoke to the Sephora Singapore floor managers.

It's surprising how badly managed Sephora Singapore and Sephora's global facebook pages are as an automated reply was given every time I sent my feedback as a message to the page administrators. It was almost too obvious to see that Sephora had not only outsourced their facebook page management but they had also outsourced it to a cheap and incompetent social media marketing company. 

Worse still, there's supposed to be a marketing division in Sephora and it looks like they are all sleeping on the job or clueless about digital marketing or just spending too much time on flashy advertising campaigns and posters from the bygone era.

I told the French project manager that I was surprised how broken the communication between the Sephora sales floor managers and Sephora management were and worse still the Sephora sales floor managers had lied to our faces about communicating the racism, blatant staff misbehaviour and mis-management at Sephora/ Make Up For Ever complaint to their management.

The French project manager then tried to make up for my bad experience by presenting me with a complimentary make-up session at Sephora whom I know are not make-up professionals unlike their vendors Make Up For Ever or Urban Decay.

She also offered me a $100 SGD Sephora voucher which is totally insufficient considering the hefty price tags of the average high-end luxury cosmetics and skincare products they carry (E.g. Dior Beauty, Lancome, Ole Henrikson).

She told me before I left that it would be good if I could write a blog article about this meeting.

I wasn't happy about the totally lacking compensation which was nothing when compared to what I had gone through plus their blatant mismanagement and poor handling of the situation. To top things off, trying to buy me over was a wrong move only an inexperienced personnel would commit.

To me, Sephora is a company full of flaws just like an un-funny french comedy movie. Something I will never go to see again.


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