How to Prevent Acne: 5 Social Media Mistakes Swedish Fashion Brand Made On Facebook

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In our final instalment of the Acne Studios online shopping experience gone wrong where the simple issue of an item exchange gone so wrong, we will cover the Top 5 Social Media Mistakes a Brand Can Avoid When Using Facebook.

Purchasing online was created to make both the lives of the company and customer easier yet Swedish fashion label Acne Studios did not have an automated computer system to check their stock balance or adequate policies on online/ store exchanges to facilitate customers who have bought the wrong size/ colour or defective items.

Considering the fact that Acne Studios is a very small company compared to retail giants like Burberry, Prada, Fendi or even high street retailers like Topshop or Zara, it is without a doubt that their capital and revenue is smaller hence they are inadequately staffed and even when they are staffed, junior, unskilled or inexperienced candidates are chosen as it would cost much more and fewer quantities of experienced, professional candidates can be hired with a smaller pool of money.

Social Media Lesson No. 1: Responding too quickly without thought

The Acne studios customer service rep copied and paste a chunk of material from the e-mail which did not address the customer's query in the first place

Social Media Lesson No. 2: Choosing to delete a user's facebook post

Choosing to delete a user's or worse still a customers' facebook post or feedback and not spam or malicious hate speech just goes to show how inexperienced Acne's customer service team were and how inadequately staffed the Swedish luxury brand was in the marketing department.

Social Media Lesson No. 3: Banning a customer from their facebook page

Minutes after responding to the customer's feedback on facebook, Acne chose to delete the thread of comments. By opting to use such a drastic measure, Acne shows the world that they would rather ignore customer service issues and complaints instead of rectifying it. The fashion brand has made a clear statement that it has complete disregard for after sales service and customers who were suckered in and made a purchase with the brand. 

Worse still, Acne is preventing the public from hearing about their poor customer service standards and bad social media management skills because Acne was deleting them one by one immediately after a post was made.

Unfortunately Acne Studios's untrained customer service rep's poor response and badly executed social media action plan (if there is one in the first place) will not only fail to provide any short term gain for this inexperienced fashion house but present long-term problems if they do not act quickly to sort out their critical customer communication and management skills.

Social Media Lesson No. 4: Not hiring a dedicated or qualified team of social media staff to handle customer feedback and enquiries.

The Swedish fashion house management's lack of foresight to hire trained and experienced staff dedicated specifically with the responsibilities of leading and managing online social media experience for customers will have a detrimental effect on the brand image immediately as show in this badly handled after-sales customer service case study

Social Media Lesson No. 5: Poor use of content management on social media channels

Almost every single post revolves around the brand's products - fashion apparels and accessories and there are no posts done to engage the fans on facebook. This goes back to the original issue of not having a dedicated team of staff in-house or a competent digital agency to handle their social media management.

The irony is business expansion for a small brand would be more painful if they choose to rely on traditional models of sales and marketing to a small handful or privileged customers and pay no attention to the burgeoning luxury market in Asia, Middle East and Africa outside of their hometown in Europe.


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