January Jetsetter Style - Celebrity Edition

It's that time of the year when celebrities and who's who in the fashion industry start planning their trip to fashion week in Paris, London, Milan and New York for Fall Winter 2014 runway shows in February.

As for the rest of the world, some lucky folks prepare to take off for the Chinese Lunar New Year 2014 holidays that commence on the 31 January at the end of this month hence we decided to feature some of our favourite airport travel styles inspired by celebrities and supermodels.

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Airport Style Tip 1: Baggy Wins
Cara Delevingne knows how to travel in comfort without hiding her quirky style. From bulldog face wifebeaters to roomy sweatshirts and gorillia plushie sneakers, the British supermodel is unafraid to show her real age unlike most of her peers at the same age.

Airport Style Tip 2: Leather up with Love
What's not to love with leather? Lindsay Lohan loves leather everything - from leather biker jackets to jeans, shoes and bags, this young Hollywood style chameleon nevers fails to look prim and polished even while she's jetting from one airport to another.

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Airport Style Tip 3: Leather Carry-all
The Celine happy tote and Givenchy Antigona bag seems to be all the rage still in Asia or America as Hilary Duff and Rosie Huntington Whiteley are frequently spotted with each of their favourite designer handbags.

A roomy leather carry-all is more fuss-free, durable and cool alternative to bulky nylon weekender bags or a trolley luggage - a perfect essential for short trips to tropical destinations.

Airport Style Tip 4: Luscious in Lace
Actress Kate Bosworth never fails to look chic as she dashes to and fro one airport to another for awards and movie premières. She is spotted above wearing a leather coat with contrasting pink lace sleeves for that extra touch of sexy femininity.

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Airport Style Tip 5: Stay Safe in Earth-tones and Neutrals
Kate Bosworth is seen with her husband Michael Polish in a earth-tone ensemble consisting of brown leather shorts and a knitwear top which complements her porcelain complexion.

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Airport Style Tip 6: Accessorize or Die

Everyone dresses in drab colours for winter, black, white and grey. If you still want to remain identifiable at the airport by your friends, family or whoever whose coming over to pick you up the airport, make sure you wear something different and the simplest way to do it is to accessorize.

Dakota Fanning wears a boater's straw hat to make her stand out from the crowd while her sister Elle Fanning chooses a contrasting pastel blue Prada bag. Supermodel Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley chooses a pair of crystal studded rim cat-eye sunglasses.

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Airport Style Tip 7: Wear Something Comfortable

No matter how bad you want to wear something gorgeous but impractical on the flight, refrain from doing so. Pick a baggy pair of pants like Bella Thorne and Lindsay Lohan. Throw on a loose fitting jacket you can snuggle in during your 18-hour flight.

Mix and match something from your favourite stash with a practical item and don't you ever think of dressing sloppily for a flight. 

We'd love you to share what your airport style or travel staples are on a flight!


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