Why I Will Never Buy From Acne Studios Again

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Acne Studios deleted their Facebook post and mine just minutes after they responded to my feedback post.

The Incident - My Acne Problem

The incident may be simple. Acne management and their customer service were unable to handle a simple size exchange request from a customer.

However, the issue here is skin deep and goes beyond inflexible customer service reps, poor or non-existent after sales service or lack of proper policies in place.

Refusal to Support A Company with A Huge Management Issue - How Acne Affects You

The way an organisation handles their customer feedback or complaints is very telling how they operate and whether their leadership is questionable and management is broken.

Broken Company Return/ Exchange Policy

Acne Studios has terrible or non-existent after-sales service. Don't buy anything on the Acne online shop unless you want trouble. Their exchange policy is rubbish. E-mailing customer service was a HUGE waste of time just to exchange a wrong size item. The "company policy" of not allowing customers to exchange online purchases in actual stores is simply ridiculous and inflexible. 

Incompetent, unprofessional customer service staff

Worse still, when I called Acne Studio's head office in Sweden, a lady picked up the phone in Swedish and went silent when she heard me speak English and then hung up after a long moment of silence. When I tried calling back again several times, no one picked up the phone and the call went straight to a voice message. Obviously Acne had paid some Swedish teenager who could not speak English to mend the phone for a cheap hourly pay. I wrote to "Jesper", "Helena" and "Malou" and all 3 "customer service" reps gave me different answers to my questions. 

One customer service staff was even amazed at how I could craft an e-mail much better than them just because I live in Asia and am Asian. Quote: "Thank you for your well formulated e-mail." What has it got to do with my simple issue of a size exchange?

Money is the only motivation for Acne Studios

When I contacted one of the Acne Paris outlets, they offered to order the correct size for me but when I told them it was for an exchange I never heard from them any more. I paid so much money to get myself into so much trouble.

Acne's acts like a big company when they are in reality a very small-time company whose entire management and staff lack of outside-world knowledge. In other words, they are better suited to doing business in their own home country Sweden, instead of selling globally.

Inconsistency and contradicting information

At first, they asked me to check and see which store would be able to perform the exchange and when I asked them to help me call up the stores to see which one carried the item in my size, they said they had not enough manpower. When I asked them if they had an automated computerized system to check the stocks in store, Jesper said yes. The next day they said the item in my size had sold out. Today, a customer service rep responded to me and said something totally different - they do not carry my size in stores and only online.

Socially Inept on Facebook

Frustrated about Acne's customer service reps being unable to assist me in any way, shape or form possible, I turned to Facebook to post my feedback so the public could see how poor my customer service experience was.

Acne responded to my comment and mirrored the way how I talked. It was as if I was offering them a lesson in English every time I wrote back to the staff. My English language skills are very good and better than some native speakers but it sure isn't top of the line. Perhaps Acne has to hire some non-Swedish English speakers. 

Minutes later, they deleted my comment and banned me from posting on their facebook page therefore formally cutting off all ties with me - a customer of Acne.

Acne investors better run. - How to Get Rid of Acne

Talk about globalization and the irony of Acne's "modern", "fashion-forward styles". The company's image just doesn't go in line with their shoddy customer service standards and messy, chaotic internal organisation. Perhaps it's time for Jonny Johannsen to "restructure" and get rid of his lousy team of staff.

The problem however for such a small size company is that the leader on top is most likely to be blamed as he or she would be responsible in overseeing all the hires in  the company.


Life after Acne is simple as the brand's touted cutting edge designs are easily replaceable. 

Helmut lang, Alexander McQueen and even DKNY has the similar designs to Acne even better quality. For example Acne's resort 2014 silver metallic biker jacket bears a striking resemblance to DKNY's resort 2014 silver biker jacket. 

For style staples such as leather leggings, Helmut lang, LNA and Jil Sander are perfect alternative options in better quality and of course service standards too.

Acne's over-hyped Velocite and Vera shearling bomber jackets can be easily replaced by Burberry London's impeccable shearling jackets. Burberry's much better quality of English shearling stems from the fact that it's a 158-year-old company that constantly keeps evolving and their customer service level is unbeatable. 

The Acne shearling jacket I currently own in an ill-fitting size looks cheap and tacky. The shearling looked fake and was rough like bristles on a toilet scrubbing brush. The jacket was lightweight at 500 grams when proper shearling jackets were supposed to be heavier due to the nature of the animal pelt. The shearling material on my green acne jacket was obviously of inferior quality. My friends even said it looked like cheap, fake shearling jackets people used to wear in the 70s when they were younger. The Acne sizing was incorrect and the jacket was bulky, unflattering and disproportionate and looked different than on the Acne online shop.

Service Levels - Acne is Not Your Friend

Acne leaves a bad taste lingering as I still shudder recalling the amateur night with a non-English speaking scaredy-cat receptionist from the Acne Studios head office in Sweden who hung up on me right after hearing her very first call in English. When I tried calling back three times later, the phone just rang and went straight to the voice message. 

Acne is clearly not wired to do business outside of Sweden, their home country, not to mention globally. Acne's Europe sales rely heavily on clueless and airhead European teens and youth without a job who sponge off their rich parents. Acne's global sales rely on hipsters who know no better and are too afraid to explore other brands.

Lastly - Acne Prevention

Unlikely You hopes we can save those poor souls who already have Acne and help inform the luckier ones who have not yet got Acne to avoid this lousy fashion label with lousy service.


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