Celebrity Fashion Fail: Lady Gaga Excluded

Celeb Fashion Fail No. 4: 
Shapeless Grandpa Coat - Uma Thurman

Uma looks great bottom down but not from up with a blue sea anemone infestation on her chest and all wrapped up in an unflattering wool grandpa coat which makes this slim actress look bloated.

Celeb Fashion Fail No. 3: 
You can Steal Cara's style but you're not Cara Delevingne - Michelle Rodriguez
35-year-old Too Fast Too Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez looks good for her age. However hanging out with "It-Girl" pal of the moment - 21-year-old supermodel Cara Delevingne does not mean she could turn back time 14 years or look a like a homeless hobo in a ratty grey sweater, polystyrene draw-string bag and beanie.

Celeb Fashion Fail No. 2: 
The hips don't lie - Iggy Azalea
Australian singer Iggy Azalea wears a bizarre bright yellow high-waist panty that not only emphasizes her wide hips but her Game of Thrones hairdo doesn't match with the punk rock look she's trying to achieve. Time to fire yet another stylist.

Celeb Fashion Fail No. 1:  
Walking DKNY Ad Campaign gone Wrong - Rita Ora
Who would have thought Rita Ora was the infamous Hamburglar by night. This Mac Donald's mascot-loving DKNY wearing singer paired her DKNY X Opening Ceremony outfit with black and white stripy stocking that would invoke jealousy from Ronal McDonald himself and Pipi Longstoking. Beware French style fashionistas and stripe lovers, you have been warned.

Fashion Lesson Learnt: Who says money can buy style? At least these McDonald's loving cosplayers know what they are doing.


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