H&M Conscious Collection 2014

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Image source: H&M

H&M's eco-friendly conscious collection for 2014 is set to launch this April as the Swedish giant fashion house aims to take a hit at Spanish high street fashion label Zara.

Literally taking the bull by its horns, H&M's conscious collection highlights feature a white cropped cotton jacket with heavy embroidery and embellishments resembling a Spanish bullfighter's jacket.

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Image source: Latimes blog

As you can see above, our comparison of H&M and Zara is like a Mexican bullfighter (H&M) spearing the poor, tired bull of a Zara label who keeps churning out luxury runway knock-offs.

Either European high street fashion label looks desperate to expand their business in emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia with their cheap quality clothing.

It is increasingly rare to get a truly good bargain in terms of price, quality and design from H&M and Zara. 

We strongly advise all our little Unlikelies and readers to stick with us and follow our online media sites for more alternative fashion brands with either better quality, price or design from around the world.


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