Street Style Fashion Fails from Refinery 29

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Refinery 29 is an American fashion and lifestyle website where we got hilarious pictures of fashion fail street styles from their recent post "How To Work Post-Winter Layers". 

Here's what we have to say.

Top left: We know comfy sneakers and flats have made a comeback as the sporty-luxe trend continues throughout Spring Summer 2014. Matching a granny dress with a turtleneck sweater and a sixties gold pimp jacket isn't going to bring you any street cred but make you look like your're too feeble and old to wear heels to the wet market.

Top right: Clashing prints are all the rage but headache inducing strange willy wonka floral swirls print pants paired with a white and black striped French pantomime actor's shirt just looks like a dizzy circus clown reject.

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Top left: Our winner of the worst fashion street style award goes to a wannabe Romanian hobo with a classic Harvard Asian student look (the glasses and hair). She's wearing a denim jacket she found in the computer lab from the 90s and is still wearing yellow rubber dish-washing gloves from one of her several part-time jobs she's juggling in order to pay for her addiction to bad designer castaways. 

Top right: She's no Cara Delevingne but perhaps Shania Twain as she reminds of the song lyrics "That don't impress me much. Duh duh duh duh duh.." The red leather baseball cap and wool check-coat just looks pretty out of place especially when the outfit was finished off with red and black stiletto boots. It just looks like this lady has failed miserably while trying too hard to look cool and be one with the "It crowd". 


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