Earth Day 2014: Harleth Kuusik and Nastya Sten Fashion Editorial

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Oyster magazine's "Doll Parts" fashion editorial featuring upcoming models Harleth Kuusik and Nastya Sten, two beautiful models in a delightfully fragile pose is our inspiration for Earth Day 2014.

The earth is a beautiful yet fragile place which we all must continue to play a part in and treat it with care.

Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Here are some tips on how to save our earth the fashionable way.

1) Don't just throw away your unwanted fashion items. Donate them to charity like the Salvation Army, give it away or sell it online if it's still worth something.

2) Instead of buying new clothing, shoes or accessories on a whim, think twice before purchasing something unless you really need it. Is this going to be something you would be wearing every other day or just another item collecting dust in your cupboard?

3) Be creative and recycle your fashion junk! Give your old and tired clothing a new lease of life with DIY bleaching of jeans, studding or ripping for that punk look. Sick of wearing that same old boring mid-length skirt or maxi dress? Alter it to a mini length and watch them transform into weekend style staples.


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