Pull & Bear Lookbook Inspiration: It's A Sweatshirt X Boxer Shorts Kinda Weekend

It's that time of the week again except the fact that this mid-week's shorter with an extra vacation day - Good Friday coming along and Easter Sunday to look forward to. (We're not religious, it's just the chocolate eggs we're into!)

Unseasonably hot weather in Singapore and around Asia this summer spells for lazy dressing or laid-back relaxed chic. Here are the top 5 staples for this Spring Summer 2014 if you live in the tropics or are experiencing plenty of sunshine~ Our Summer 2014 lookbook is inspired by Pull and Bear's March 2014 collection featuring the gorgeous upcoming Finnish supermodel Mathilda Tolvanen.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 1: The Staple Sweat-shirt
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Mint-green and pastel, this sweet sweatshirt will not only serve to turn up the heat by giving you a warm complexion but shield you from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Fashion tip: If you love wearing micro-mini ripped denim shorts, sweatshirts are a girl's best friend to balance this sexy look.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 2: The Knit top
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Similar to it's cousin the sweatshirt in volume but available in sleeveless styles is the knit tank top. 

Fashion tip: Go for a sleeveless knit top with roomy arm holes like a muscle Tee or wife-beater and spice it up with a neon or floral print bikini for that extra sexy edge.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 3: Do the Dolce & Gabbana Pyjamas Look
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Try out strappy jumpsuits or a two-piece top and loose pants in this tropical prints such as palm prints and pineapples for that laid-back holidaying on an island or resort look.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 4: The Kimono jacket
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Oriental hues are back on trend with the Kimono jacket as a perfect summer staple since grunge style button-less open-front cardigans and jackets gained in popularity.

Summer Dressing Tip No. 5: The Unisex Romper Look
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Go all cool and androgynous with a sleeveless shirt and roomy men's bermudas and keep it feminine in lightweight cotton or silk.


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