Beauty Tutorial: Rainbow Northern Lights Eyes

This beauty look is inspired by the beautiful and mystical, rainbow coloured pictures of the Northern Lights. Below are the step-by-step details on how to achieve a lovely summer eye make-up look this August!

1) Prim your eyebrow
Prepare your eyebrow with a brow pencil and a stiff brush. Run the brush through your brow to tidy uneven and loose ends. Bonus tip: Choose a shade lighter than your original brow colour for a more natural look.

2) Highlight your eyes
Apply highlighter or a sparkly/ transparent white or beige colour depending on your skin tone to the area just below your eyebrow or under your brow bone. This make-up trick provides a 3-dimensional "pop-up" effect to your eye. Apply the highlighter at the bottom of your eyelids. This will emphasize your eye contour and create an illusion of bigger eyes

3) Applying the eyeshadow
I have weaned myself of using make-up brushes a long time ago and prefer using my fingertips. You can use eye-shadow brushes if you like.

Colours chosen for the base: Baby blue in shimmer, Lime Green in matte, Deep blue in shimmer.

Start with icy baby blue from the corners of your eyes, work in lime green in the centre and deep blue at the ends.

Colours chosen for mixing in: Neon peach in shimmer

To create a rainbow effect, smudge in neon peach eyeshadow in between the baby blue and lime green eyeshadow and blend it in gently.

Eyeliner: Black eyeshadow in sparkle

Lastly, line all around the edges and corners of your eyes. I ditched the eyeliner for compact powder eyeshadow.

The Result

A non-heavy eye make-up look you can take for a fun day out or date-night.


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