MTV VMAs 2014 Fashion Flops

Hey Unlikelies, let's explore some of the best red carpet mistakes at the MTV 2014 Video Music Awards where the economic crisis has borne more incompetent stylists to run the show and ruin celebrities' fashion lives.

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(From left to right) Chloe Grace Moretz can't wait to join her grandmother, Jamie Chung fails to score straight As in an ill-fitting dress that makes her figure straight as a ruler, Katie Stevens looks like granny in a dress made of worn out moth-eaten country home curtains.

Unlikely Rule #1: Avoid high necklines unless it's -30 degrees Celsius, ill-fitting dresses or dresses that devour your entire body head to toe without flattering your figure as much as a scuba diving suit can do.

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Fifth Harmony does their best impression of the new group nobody has heard of - Fifth Halloween.

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Return of the Red Clones: (From Left to Right) Bailey Buntain, Rita Ora, Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd look like Korean girl group clones, void of any distinguishing personality and the best way to tell the difference between them is by their (badly bleached) hair colour.

Unlikely Rule #2: Avoid wearing a single block color all-over unless that outfit is more than just a plain, boring dress.

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Charli XCX looks more jungle terror than fierce in an outfit a Flintstones movie extra would wear. We cannot decide if she would look more like a circus hercules (imagine a bald, muscular, thick moustached male) in a flashy leotard or cave woman.

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(From Left to Right) Nina Dobrev looks all holy matrimony in an outfit pregnant mothers wear best. The unflattering Grecian bustier makes her look broader than the petite Vampire Diaries star really is. 

Ariane Grande looks sleazy and cheesy in a Moschino not so cheap or chic all-leather ensemble. 

Taylor Swift loves bad frizzy granny hair that looks sucked out of all its nutrients, accompanying her bad hair is a Mary Katranzou playsuit with the highest neckline ever, perfect for hiding wrinkly necklines of a 24 year old. 

Supermodel Joan Smalls wears a heavily beaded Balmain frock similar to Kim Kardashian but it just screams trying too hard.

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Some not so well-known guests on the MTV VMAs red carpet were the worse dressed. (From left to Right) "Made-in-China" wardrobe malfunctioning top, an unflattering basket weave dress in white to make sure if you don't look fat, you will, and shapeless two-piece accompanied with badly dyed hair in an unearthly red color plus make-up from hell sure to send a shiver down one's spine.

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As per any traditional award ceremony seas of people with bad/ no stylists of zero dress sense/ personality swarm the red carpet in yawn-worthy monochrome colors - black or white and no in-between.

(From Left to Right) Kesha looks like a bride-to-be in bad hair that fails to match her elegant dress, 25-year-old Lucy Hale tries to dress like a 65-year-old in a 1920s long skirt that makes anyone look like a lampshade. 

Newlywed South African supermodel and Victoria's Secret sensation Behati Prinsloo has an awesome figure but bland personality as she wears what she would model on a H and M basics collection catalogue to the MTV awards.

The Final Saving Grace
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Despite the hordes of red carpet fashion disasters, a few stars still managed to nail it.

(From Left to Right) Greer Grammer looks stunning in a baby blue sheer evening dress with a sexy thigh high split and see through top with beautiful sequin embellishments adorning her bosom. 

Moschino designer Jeremy Scott looks fab in yellow no doubt pulling off a circus ringmaster style outfit was tough but he still managed it. 

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale looked better in her outfit change as the petite starlet wore a cute mini fit and flare tube dress with bright pink prints. 

Iggy Azalea who's known for her voluptuous curves wore a beautiful figure hugging gown that showed off her incredible hourglass figure.

Unlikely Rule #3: Mini dresses are perfect for petite sized girls.

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  1. Hi, just read your post and don't agree with everything, I think Jamie Chung actually looks great she is short and skinny, she doesn't need to much to look good, her dress has a "print" that takes the shape. I have to agree that Nina wasn't her best but she wasn't that bad, I think it's a more mature look than we are used to.

    Instead of those two I would consider more of a fail Kim's look, and Kylie Jenner's look. Kim was just a really not flattering dress that looked like she was about to star on a porn film, and Kylie looked like she picked her dressing gown. I do think Lorde was also a big fail her jumpsuit was so not flattering and was super ugly.

    But I think Taylor actually rocked her leotard, the girl has legs, long long legs. Iggy Azalea on the other hand I think she didn't look that great sure her curves are there but she looked flat and besides her super marked (by the dress) hips the dress doesn't make her any other favors.

    Sorry but thats my honest opinion xD

  2. Hey Carolina, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Alternative opinions are always welcome! ;)

  3. Everyone looked great. So what if it doesn't show off their curves. Not everyone is skinny, and can wear whatever they want. They all look different, and all their clothes express their personality.Taylor Swift rocked that leotard. Lucy Hale looked great with a 1920s inspired skirt, and Ingrid Nilsen looked awesome, and it's not nice to put a FAIL over someone's face. She has 3,000,000+ subscribers on YouTube. And red is a popular color, and it looks FAB on all of them. And either way, Charli XCX knows how to rock a zebra-striped jumpsuit. Fifth Harmony all looked great, and they won the Artist to Watch Award. And you know what you won? The Most Criticism Towards Fashion Award. C'mon. Not everyone is perfect, and they all can't match to your precise style. Everyone looked great, and had a great time, and that's all that matters. :)

    This is just my opinion.

  4. this is funny, thanks for making my day :P


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